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C. humilis Benth.
Perennial herb, ± erect, 6–12 cm, fleshy (including large root), herbage tomentose to generally glabrous, glaucous. Leaf: opposite, 2–5 pairs, < 9 cm; petiole < to > blade; blade ovate or ± round, base ± truncate to tapered. Inflorescence: cyme, 2–6-flowered. Flower: > 15 mm; calyx lobes narrow-triangular; corolla 15–20 mm, funnel-shaped, with 5 ± round appendages behind anthers, rose-purple, lobes obovate or round, margins wavy; filaments free, appearing to be attached at base of corolla tube but fused to it up to level of stigma, unappendaged, hairy, anthers forming cone around but free from stigma, each partly sterile, sharply sagittate, pollen ± free; nectaries 5, fused into a 5-lobed disk around but not exceeding ovaries; style thread-like; stigma skirted at base. Fruit: 3–5 cm. Seed: with tuft of long hairs at 1 end.
2n=14. {hort link} Varieties possibly untenable, merit study. [Online Interchange]
Unabridged note: Given that hairiness within Cycladenia humilis var. humilis appears to be governed by a single gene (thus reducing Cycladenia humilis var. tomentosa to synonymy under Cycladenia humilis var. humilis), doubt is cast on the hair characters separating Cycladenia humilis var. humilis from Cycladenia humilis var. venusta and Cycladenia humilis var. jonesii as well; given that corolla lobe length in Cycladenia humilis var. humilis overlaps that in Cycladenia humilis var. venusta and Cycladenia humilis var. jonesii, doubt is cast on the characters separating these varieties as well. Therefore, the entire group merits further study.

Key to Cycladenia humilis

1. Perianth glabrous (tomentose) abaxially; corolla glabrous or papillate adaxially; Klamath Ranges, High North Coast Ranges, High Cascade Range, n High Sierra Nevada, Outer South Coast Ranges ..... var. humilis

1' Perianth with ± not interwoven hairs abaxially or at least on margins; corolla sparse-hairy adaxially; Outer South Coast Ranges, San Gabriel Mountains, East of Sierra Nevada

2. Corolla lobes 4–5 mm; White and Inyo Mountains ..... var. jonesii

2' Corolla lobes 8–12 mm; Outer South Coast Ranges, San Gabriel Mountains, East of Sierra Nevada ..... var. venusta


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