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Gary L. Hannan & Curtis Clark, except as noted

Annual to small tree; sap colorless, yellow, orange, red, or white. Leaf: basal, cauline, or both, simple and entire, toothed, or lobed, or 1–3-pinnate-dissected or compound; cauline generally alternate; stipules 0. Inflorescence: terminal, 1-flowered or cyme, raceme, or panicle; bracts generally present. Flower: bisexual, radial, bilateral, or biradial; sepals 2–3, shed after flower; petals generally 2 × sepals in number; stamens generally many; ovary 1, superior, chamber 1, style 0 or 1, stigmas or lobes 2–many, ovules few to many. Fruit: capsule, dehiscent by valves or pores, ± nut, or breaking transversely into 1-seeded, indehiscent units. Seed: fleshy appendage generally 0.
25–30 genera, 200 species: northern temperate, northern tropics; some cultivated (Papaver, Eschscholzia, Hunnemannia), source of opiates. Stylomecon moved to Papaver. Corydalis, Dicentra, Fumaria in Fumariaceae in FNANM, elsewhere. Glaucium flavum Crantz is a waif. According to FNANM (3:300–301), Hunnemannia fumariifolia Sweet (± like Eschscholzia except sepals free) an occasional waif in California, but documentation evidently lacking. Fleshy appendage of seed sometimes for dispersal by ants. —Scientific Editor: Thomas J. Rosatti.

Key to Papaveraceae

1. Flower bilateral or biradial; petals 4, 1 or both outer spurred or pouched at base (Fumarioideae)

2. Flower biradial; outer 2 petals alike, both pouched at base

3. Plant without leafy stems ..... DICENTRA

3' Plant with leafy stems ..... EHRENDORFERIA

2' Flower bilateral; outer 2 petals not alike, upper spurred at base

4. Fruit a capsule, generally linear to oblong, several- to many-seeded ..... CORYDALIS

4' Fruit ± a nut, ± round, 1-seeded ..... FUMARIA

1' Flower radial; petals >= 4, not spurred or pouched at base (Papaveroideae)

5. Subshrub to small tree

6. Petals 4(6), yellow, 2–3 cm; leaf entire or minutely toothed ..... DENDROMECON

6' Petals 6, white, 4–10 cm; leaf deeply lobed ..... ROMNEYA

5' Annual, biennial, perennial herb, occasionally woody at base

7. Leaves entire to minutely toothed; petals generally 6

8. Plant generally glabrous; stamens 4–15

9. Basal leaves sessile, linear, fleshy; petals persistent; capsule ovoid, 1.5–2.5 mm ..... CANBYA

9' Basal leaves petioled, spoon-shaped, not fleshy; petals deciduous; capsule linear, to 50 mm ..... MECONELLA

8' Plant long-hairy; stamens > 12

10. Stigmas 3; fruit ovoid, opening by 3 valves, not breaking transversely into units ..... HESPEROMECON

10' Stigmas >= 6; fruit ovoid to widely linear, breaking transversely into 1-seeded, indehiscent units ..... PLATYSTEMON

7' Leaves toothed to dissected; petals 4, 6, or more

11. Plant spiny; leaves generally cauline ..... ARGEMONE

11' Plant unarmed; leaves basal, cauline, or both

12. Hairs generally ± 5–15 mm, wavy; leaves generally basal — ne Mojave Desert ..... ARCTOMECON

12' Hairs 0 or to 3 mm, straight; leaves basal, cauline, or both

13. Ovary, fruit < 3 × longer than wide; carpels > 2; fruit opening by pores ..... PAPAVER

13' Ovary generally > 3 × (fruit > 4 ×) longer than wide; carpels 2; fruit splitting into 2 valves

14. Leaf dissected into ± linear segments; sepals 2, fused into conical cap; receptacle cup-shaped around ovary base; stigma lobes 4–8, linear ..... ESCHSCHOLZIA

14' Leaf deeply pinnate-lobed; sepals 2, free; receptacle not cup-shaped, not around ovary base; stigma lobes 2, not linear ..... [GLAUCIUM]


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