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Key to Onagraceae

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1. Sepals persistent after flower; flower parts in (3)4–5(7)s; hypanthium 0 ..... LUDWIGIA

1' Sepals deciduous after flower (along with other flower parts); flower parts in (2)4s; hypanthium present, often elongate, or if 0 then petals rose-purple to pink, rarely white, or flowers bilateral

2. Stipules present, occasionally deciduous; fruit indehiscent, bur-like with hooked hairs; flower parts in 2s; stigmas maturing before anthers ..... CIRCAEA

2' Stipules 0; fruit generally dehiscent capsule, rarely indehiscent but not bur-like; flower parts in (3)4s; anthers generally maturing before stigmas

3. Seeds hair-tufted (tufts rarely secondarily lost); sepals erect; stigmas dry with multicellular papillae

4. Leaves generally alternate; hypanthium 0; petals entire; stamens ± equal, in 1 whorl; pollen blue-gray, grains shed singly ..... CHAMERION

4' Leaves opposite at least at base; hypanthium 0.3–34 mm; petals notched; stamens in 2 unequal whorls; pollen cream, grains generally shed in 4s ..... EPILOBIUM

3' Seeds not hair-tufted; sepals reflexed; stigmas mainly wet and nonpapillate or with dry unicellular papillae

5. Stigma 4-lobed, dry, papillae unicellular; anthers generally maturing before stigmas ..... CLARKIA

5' Stigma hemispheric, peltate or 4-lobed, wet, papillae 0; anthers not maturing before stigmas

6. Fruit 2-chambered; stems slender, hair-like ..... GAYOPHYTUM

6' Fruit (3)4-chambered; stems generally not slender

7. Seeds with concave and convex sides, concave side with thick wing, both sides densely covered with club-shaped hairs; petals white, base yellow ..... CHYLISMIELLA

7' Seeds generally not concave and convex, wing 0, club-shaped hairs 0; petals yellow, purple, red, or white, if white, generally lacking yellow base

8. Ovary tip projection 0.4–18 cm; stem 0

9. Perennial herb; fruit cylindric-ovoid, ± straight or slightly curved, ± angled to nearly smooth, lacking pointed wing near center top of each valve, walls generally thin, distended by seeds; sterile projection of ovary persistent with fertile part in fruit, without abscission line at juncture between hypanthium and fertile part of ovary ..... TARAXIA

9' Annual; fruit irregularly obovoid, sharply 4-angled with pointed wing near center top of each valve, thick walled, not distended by seeds; sterile projection of ovary with clear abscission line at juncture between short hypanthium and fertile part of ovary ..... TETRAPTERON

8' Ovary tip projection 0, occasionally ± tapering; stem generally present

10. Stigma 4-lobed ..... OENOTHERA

10' Stigma hemispheric to spheric or cylindric

11. Seeds in 2 rows per chamber; fruit pedicelled; leaves often ± basal, pinnately lobed with large terminal lobe, occasionally either lateral lobes ± reduced or leaf ovate-cordate and long-petioled; abaxial leaf surface or margin with conspicuous (brown) oil cells ..... CHYLISMIA

11' Seeds in 1 row per chamber; fruit sessile or occasionally short-pedicelled (Camissonia kernensis); leaves generally not predominately basal, entire to pinnately lobed and if so then terminal lobe not conspicuously larger than lateral; leaf oil cells 0

12. Petals white, pink, or rarely red; flowers night-blooming ..... EREMOTHERA

12' Petals yellow, often with red flecks; flowers day-blooming

13. Flower stems wand-like; leaves pinnately lobed to occasionally entire; petals yellow with red flecks near base; seeds generally with purple spots; hypanthium with lobed disk ..... EULOBUS

13' Flower stems not wand-like; leaves entire to toothed; petals yellow, occasionally with 2 red spots at base, or white; seeds without purple spots; hypanthium without lobed disk

14. Distal stem densely leafy, proximal stem nearly leafless; branches many, slender, ascending from base of pl; fruit strongly flattened, straight, 0.5–1 cm ..... NEOHOLMGRENIA

14' Stem generally leafy throughout, branched throughout or with a few basal branches; fruit cylindric to quadrangular, not flattened, often wavy or curled, (0.8)1–6 cm

15. Fruit ± cylindric; plants flower from distal nodes; leaves generally linear to narrowly elliptic; seeds glossy, triangular in ×-section, often < 1 mm ..... CAMISSONIA

15' Fruit 4-angled, at least when dry; plants generally flower from basal nodes; leaves generally narrowly lanceolate, narrowly elliptic or ovate; seeds dull, often > 1 mm, flattened ..... CAMISSONIOPSIS


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