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Allan J. Bornstein

Shrub, small tree, generally aromatic, evergreen or deciduous; generally monoecious or dioecious; roots generally with nitrogen-fixing bacteria; hairs generally both nonglandular, thread-like and glandular, peltate. Leaf: simple, alternate, entire to pinnately lobed, resin-dotted; stipules generally 0. Inflorescence: spike, catkin-like, axillary; staminate, pistillate separate. Flower: generally unisexual, small; perianth generally 0. Staminate flower: subtended by 1 bract, 0 [1–4] bractlets. Pistillate flower: subtended by 1 bract, 2 or 4–6[3(8)] bractlets; ovary superior [to ± inferior], ovule 1, style 1, stigmas 2, short. Fruit: generally drupe or nut-like, small, rough or smooth, waxy or not, sometimes winged or bur-like from fused bractlets.
4 genera, ± 45 species: generally temperate, subtropics fruit of some Morella boiled to make fragrant wax. [Carlquist 2002 Aliso 21:7–29] Myrica as treated in TJM (1993) split into 2 genera based on Wilbur 1994 Sida 16:93–107. —Scientific Editor: Thomas J. Rosatti.
Unabridged references: [Bornstein 1997 FNANM 3:429–434]
Unabridged note: Comptonia of eastern North America, Canacomyrica of New Caledonia each have 1 sp.; Myrica has 2 species

Key to Myricaceae

1. Terminal buds present; leaves evergreen, shiny, hairs 0 or soft, shaggy adaxially along midrib; flowers unisexual (pls monoecious) or bisexual; staminate bract < stamens; pistillate bractlets 4–6, not enlarging, not spongy in fruit, not adherent to fruit; fruit with fleshy papillae, pubescent, ± spheric, generally with waxy coating drying white to gray ..... MORELLA

1' Terminal buds 0; leaves deciduous, ± dull, hairs soft, shaggy abaxially, adaxially; flowers unisexual (pls dioecious); staminate bract > stamens; pistillate bractlets 2, enlarging, spongy in fruit, adherent to fruit; fruit not papillate, glabrous but generally dotted with minute, ± orange resin glands, generally ovoid, ± flat, without waxy coating ..... MYRICA


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