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Joshua R. McDill

Annual, perennial herb [shrub, tree, vine]. Stem: generally erect [climbing], branched, glabrous to hairy. Leaf: cauline, alternate to opposite or whorled, simple, generally sessile, linear to obovate, entire to minutely toothed or ciliate, teeth occasionally gland-tipped; stipules small, dark-colored, spheric glands, or 0. Inflorescence: raceme, panicle, or cyme [spike]. Flower: bisexual, radial; sepals [4]5, free; petals = sepals in number, free to adherent; stamens 5[4 or 10], alternate petals, filaments fused basally into a cup-like structure surrounding ovary base; staminodes present, alt stamens at cup rim, or 0; ovary superior, carpels 2–5, fused, styles 2–5, = carpel number, free or partly fused. Fruit: capsule, generally dehiscent [drupe in some tropical species], generally 10-seeded.
13 genera, ± 250 species: cosmopolitan, most temperate, some cultivated. [McDill et al. 2009 Syst Bot 34:386–405] Hesperolinon, Sclerolinon are evolutionary lineages within Linum. —Scientific Editors: Douglas H. Goldman, Robert Patterson, Bruce G. Baldwin.
Unabridged references: [Robertson 1971 J Arnold Arbor 52:649–665]

Key to Linaceae

1. Styles, stigmas 5; fruit dehiscing into 5 or 10 segments ..... LINUM

1' Styles, stigmas 2 or 3; fruit dehiscing into 4 or 6 segments, or indehiscent

2. Leaves generally whorled proximally, alternate or opposite distally; styles generally 3, stigmas ± = styles in width; stipule glands generally present ..... HESPEROLINON

2' Leaves opposite, distal leaves or bracts alternate; styles 2, stigmas > styles in width; stipule glands 0 ..... SCLEROLINON


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