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Key to Liliaceae

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1. Outer, inner perianth parts generally dissimilar

2. Leaves 1–several, not mottled, abaxially not ribbed; sepals not striped, not grooved at base; petals wide, spreading to ± erect, enclosing stamens, pistil; stamens 6 ..... CALOCHORTUS

2' Leaves 2, generally purple-mottled, abaxially ribbed; sepals striped, grooved at base; petals narrow, ± erect; stamens 3 ..... SCOLIOPUS

1' Outer, inner perianth parts generally similar or ± dissimilar

3. Plants from scaly bulbs or corms or bulb-like rhizomes

4. Perianth parts with distinct glandular area in lower 1/2 ..... FRITILLARIA

4' Perianth parts without distinct glandular area

5. Leaves > 12, ± whorled (often some alternate); anthers attached at middle ..... LILIUM

5' Leaves 2–6(12), alternate; anthers attached at base ..... TULIPA

3' Plants from rhizomes (from elongate bulb of 1–2 fleshy scales, generally with small, bead-like parts of persistent rhizome in Erythronium)

6. Leaves cauline, ± not reduced

7. Flowers 1–7 in terminal clusters, without sharp bend at juncture of peduncle, pedicel; leaf base acute to cordate, clasping or not ..... PROSARTES

7' Flowers 1(2) in leaf axils, with sharp bend at juncture of peduncle, pedicel; leaf base cordate, clasping ..... STREPTOPUS

6' Leaves ± basal, if cauline then much reduced

8. Fruit a berry; flowers not nodding; perianth white or pink to rose-purple; leaves not mottled ..... CLINTONIA

8' Fruit a capsule; flowers generally nodding; perianth white with yellow base, cream, yellow, or pink; leaves often mottled ..... ERYTHRONIUM


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