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1. Fertile stamens 2; staminodes 0 or 2

2. Corolla generally 4-lobed, 2–5 mm, white, not 2-lipped; fruit ± compressed, edge corky ..... LYCOPUS

2' Corolla 2-lipped, 2.5–35 mm, white or variously colored; fruit not compressed, edge not corky

3. Fertile anther sacs 1 or 2, on thread-like appendage hinged or joined to filament tip; sterile anther sac reduced, modified, or 0 ..... SALVIA

3' Fertile anther sacs 2, attached to filament tip side-by-side

4. Shrub, rounded to mound-like, generally 5–10 dm ..... POLIOMINTHA

4' Annual, perennial herb, or subshrub, generally < 5 dm

5. Calyx ± radial, lobes ± equal — e Mojave Desert (New York Mtns) ..... MONARDA

5' Calyx ± 2-lipped, lobes of upper versus lower lips unequal

6. Inflorescence bract margin spiny, veins ± raised ..... ACANTHOMINTHA (2)

6' Inflorescence bract margin entire or hairy, not spiny, veins not raised

7. Perennial herb; inflorescences ± evenly spaced; calyx tube swollen below middle — Desert Mountains ..... HEDEOMA

7' Annual; inflorescences densely clustered, ± terminal, head-like; calyx tube not swollen ..... POGOGYNE (2)

1' Fertile stamens 4; staminodes 0

8. Calyx 2-lipped, entire ..... SCUTELLARIA

8' Calyx generally 5- or 10-lobed, radial to 2-lipped with lips 2–3-lobed

9. Calyx 10-lobed, lobe tips recurved or hooked; stamens included in corolla tube ..... MARRUBIUM

9' Calyx generally 5-lobed, lobe tips straight; stamens generally exserted, hidden under upper lip to > corolla lobes

10. Stamens reclining on lower corolla lip; corolla violet, lower lip pouched; at least younger stems densely stellate-hairy — s Mojave Desert, Sonoran Desert ..... CONDEA

10' Stamens ascending under, or ± parallel to and exceeding upper corolla lip, if present; corolla violet or not, lower lip ± flat or convex, not pouched; stems glabrous to hairy, not stellate-hairy

11. Inflorescence bract margin spiny ..... ACANTHOMINTHA (2)

11' Inflorescence bract margin glabrous to hairy, not spiny

12. Nutlets, ovary lobes fused laterally below middle; style sunken but not to base of ovary lobes

13. Corolla lower lip 5-lobed, upper lip 0; leaves lobed or 0 ..... TEUCRIUM

13' Corolla not lipped, 5-lobed, lower lobe generally reflexed; leaves entire ..... TRICHOSTEMA

12' Nutlets, ovary lobes separate to base; style arising between ovary lobes at their base

14. Corolla ± radial to ± bilateral, lobes 4 or 5, length ± equal

15. Flower clusters generally axillary, evenly spaced or together cylindric, generally spike-like; subtended by 2+ leaves ..... MENTHA

15' Flower clusters generally terminal, generally 1 per stem, head-like; subtended by involucre-like whorl of bracts ..... MONARDELLA

14' Corolla clearly bilateral, generally 2-lipped, lobes and lips unequal

16. Subshrub or shrub

17. Corolla < 8 mm; calyx not inflated in fruit ..... Clinopodium chandleri

17' Corolla generally > 20 mm; calyx ± inflated in fruit ..... LEPECHINIA

16' Annual or perennial herb (to subshrub, the corolla then salmon-orange)

18. Inflorescences generally terminal, collectively ± dense, generally head- to spike- or panicle-like, occasionally interrupted by 1–3 internodes proximally

19. 2 or 4 stamens clearly exceeding corolla

20. Bracts at base of inflorescence, generally not overlapping, green ..... AGASTACHE

20' Bracts throughout inflorescence, overlapping, pale green or cream (± purple) ..... ORIGANUM (2)

19' Stamens not clearly exceeding lower corolla lobes

21. Annual; inflorescence bracts often >= flowers, linear to narrowly oblanceolate ..... POGOGYNE (2)

21' Perennial herb; inflorescence bracts generally < flowers, often lanceolate or wider

22. Calyx 2-lipped, upper lip 3-toothed, lower lip 2-lobed — lobes acuminate ..... PRUNELLA

22' Calyx ± radial, 5-lobed

23. Inflorescence bracts pale green or cream (± purple), persistent; calyx 2–3.5 mm ..... ORIGANUM (2)

23' Inflorescence bracts green, withering; calyx > 4 mm

24. Calyx tube ± 15-veined; upper 2 stamens > lower 2 ..... NEPETA

24' Calyx tube 5–10-veined; upper 2 stamens < lower 2 ..... STACHYS (3)

18' Inflorescences axillary and terminal, generally separated by evident internodes subtended by bracts or leaves

25. Annual to perennial herb; nutlet ×-section 3-angled, tip truncate

26. Annual; corolla pink- to red-purple, lower lip lateral lobes << middle lobe, middle lobe 2-lobed; leaves not variegated ..... LAMIUM

26' Perennial herb; corolla yellow, lateral lobes ± < middle lobe, middle lobe not lobed; leaves generally variegated ..... [LAMIASTRUM]

25' Perennial herb to subshrub; nutlet ×-section ovate to ± round, tip ± rounded

27. Inflorescence head-like, flowers > 12; calyx lobe tips densely white-short-hairy ..... PYCNANTHEMUM

27' Inflorescence not head-like, flowers 1–12; calyx lobe tips glabrous to moderately hairy

28. Stem generally prostrate to decumbent

29. Most inflorescences, except proximal-most, subtended by bracts or much-reduced leaves ..... STACHYS (3)

29' Most inflorescences subtended by leaves

30. Leaf blade ovate to broadly triangular; corolla 3–8 mm ..... Clinopodium douglasii

30' Leaf blade round to reniform; corolla 8–25 mm ..... GLECHOMA

28' Stem erect

31. Most inflorescences, except proximal-most, subtended by bracts or much-reduced leaves ..... STACHYS (3)

31' Most inflorescences subtended by leaves

32. Calyx 14–17 mm; corolla salmon-orange, tube straight ..... Clinopodium mimuloides

32' Calyx 7–9 mm; corolla white to cream, occasionally tinged lavender, tube curved upward ..... MELISSA


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