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Peter Goldblatt, except as noted

[(Annual), shrub], perennial herb generally from [bulb], corm, or rhizome. Stem: generally erect, generally ± round in ×-section. Leaf: generally basal (few cauline), 2-ranked, ± sword-shaped, blade edge-wise to stem, with midvein or not; bases overlapped, sheathing. Inflorescence: generally ± terminal; spikes, umbel-like cymes, or flowers 1; flowers in spikes or 1 subtended by 2 subopposite flower bracts; umbel-like cymes enclosed by 2 subopposite, generally large, leaf-like inflorescence bracts, including various flower bracts. Flower: bisexual (unisexual), radial, with stamens erect, enclosing style, or bilateral, with stamens, style to 1 side, stamens not enclosing style; perianth radial, parts free or generally fused into tube above ovary, generally petal-like, in 2 series of 3, outer ± like inner (or not, in Iris, parts in that genus called sepals, petals), upper ± like lower or not; stamens 3, attached at base of outer 3 perianth parts or in tube, generally free; ovary inferior [(superior)], [(1)]3-chambered, placentas axile [(parietal)], style 1, branches 3, entire to 2-branched, thread- or petal-like with stigma abaxial, proximal to tip. Fruit: capsule, loculicidal. Seed: few to many.
± 65 genera, ± 2050 species: worldwide, especially Africa; many cultivated (e.g., Crocus, Dietes, Freesia, Gladiolus, Iris, Sisyrinchium). [Goldblatt & Manning 2008 The Iris Family: Natural History and Classification. Timber Press] Gladiolus italicus Mill., Gladiolus tristis L. are urban weeds. Sparaxis grandiflora (D. Delaroche) Ker Gawl., Sparaxis tricolor (Schneev.) Ker Gawl. are waifs. —Scientific Editor: Thomas J. Rosatti.

Key to Iridaceae

1. Style branches petal-like, conspicuous, opposite stamens; outer perianth parts (sepals) unlike inner (petals); stamens free ..... IRIS

1' Style branches thread-like, not conspicuous, generally alternate stamens; outer perianth parts ± like inner; stamens free or united at base

2. Flowers in umbel-like cymes

3. Perianth parts not alike, outer sepal-like, white adaxially, ± green abaxially, inner petal-like, generally white ..... [Libertia formosa]

3' Perianth parts ± alike, red-purple to magenta or ± blue, violet, yellow, occasionally pink or white

4. Stem not winged; perianth red-purple to magenta, occasionally pink or white, generally 18–33 mm; filaments fused ± in basal 1/2 ..... OLSYNIUM

4' Stem winged; perianth red-purple, ± blue, violet, yellow (white), generally < 18 mm; filaments ± completely free to ± completely fused ..... SISYRINCHIUM

2' Flowers not in umbel-like cymes

5. Flowers 1 on peduncles; plant generally < 10 cm; leaves attached below ground, ± round to widely elliptic in ×-section, generally 4-grooved ..... ROMULEA

5' Flowers in spikes or panicles of spikes; plant generally > 20 cm; leaves attached below and above ground, flat with prominent midvein or cross-shaped in ×-section

6. Style branches divided ± to middle

7. Flower stem bent ± 90° below lowest flower, spike 1-ranked; leaf axils without bulblets after flower ..... [Freesia leichtlinii subsp. alba]

7' Flower stem erect, spike 2-ranked; leaf axils with bulblets after flower or not ..... WATSONIA

6' Style branches entire or notched at tip

8. Flower bracts membranous or papery and crinkled, outer 3-lobed to -toothed or often cut into lance-linear segments in upper 1/2 or at tip, inner 2-lobed or -toothed

9. Flower bracts membranous, outer 3-lobed to -toothed; stamens attached at mouth ..... [Ixia maculata]

9' Flower bracts papery, crinkled, outer often cut into lance-linear segments in upper 1/2 or at tip; stamens attached in tube ..... [SPARAXIS]

8' Flower bracts green, soft or leathery, outer entire, inner notched at tip

10. Perianth tube abruptly enlarged above base, lobes unequal, upper 1 > lower 5; inflorescence generally an erect spike (panicle) ..... CHASMANTHE

10' Perianth tube not abruptly enlarged above base, lobes subequal; inflorescence generally an arched spike or panicle of spikes ..... CROCOSMIA


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