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Key to Hydrocharitaceae

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1. Plants floating (rooted in mud when stranded); leaves (when floating) with swollen spongy cells abaxially ..... LIMNOBIUM

1' Plants submersed to emergent; leaves without swollen spongy cells abaxially

2. Leaves basal, petioled, alternate, lower, submersed blades elliptic to ovate, upper, floating or emergent blades ovate to cordate or reniform — flower bisexual, emergent ..... [OTTELIA]

2' Leaves cauline, sessile, opposite to whorled, blade oblong or linear

3. Perianth 0; leaves ± opposite to ± whorled; seeds smooth or pitted ..... NAJAS

3' Perianth present; leaves opposite or generally whorled; seeds smooth

4. Leaves 1.2–4 cm, 2–5 mm wide; staminate flowers 2–3, petals 8–10 mm ..... EGERIA

4' Leaves < 1.5(2) cm, < 3 mm wide; staminate flowers 1, petals generally <= 5 mm

5. Leaves often 2 per node proximally, 3–7 distally, minutely serrate, midrib abaxially ± smooth ..... ELODEA

5' Leaves generally 4–8 per node, coarsely serrate, midrib abaxially prickled or not ..... HYDRILLA


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