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1. Flowers < 8 mm wide, odorless; sepals 1.5–2 mm, ± deciduous; petals 3–6 mm

2. Leaf blade 8–16 mm, 3–6 mm wide; fruit ± cylindric, styles persistent; trunk or main stem erect; White and Inyo Mountains, Desert Mountains ..... FENDLERELLA

2' Leaf blade 15–40 mm, 10–30 mm wide; fruit spheric, styles deciduous; main stem prostrate; coastal mtns ..... WHIPPLEA

1' Flowers >= 10 mm wide, fragrant; sepals 3–10 mm, persistent; petals 5–25 mm

3. Stamens 10, alternating long and short; filament base wide, flat; stigma terminal, < 0.5 mm ..... JAMESIA

3' Stamens > 20, ± equal, filament base ± linear; stigma linear along style branches, > 1 mm

4. Flowers 3–6 cm wide; leaves 1-veined from base, persistent, leathery; ovary ± superior; petals ± round; c&s Sierra Nevada Foothills (Fresno Co.) ..... CARPENTERIA

4' Flowers 1–3 cm wide; leaves 3-veined from base, deciduous; ovary 1/2 to completely inferior; petals oblong to elliptic ..... PHILADELPHUS


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