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Key to Astragalus whitneyi

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1. Ovary, young fruit hairs minute, curved ..... var. confusus

1' Ovary, young fruit glabrous

2. Herbage hairs spreading to ascending; leaf 2–4 cm, ± without spaces between leaflets ..... var. lenophyllus

2' Herbage hairs incurved-ascending to appressed; leaf often > 4 cm, with spaces between leaflets

3. Fruit body 1.5–6 cm; herbage hairs ± appressed; Klamath Ranges, n High North Coast Ranges, High Cascade Range, Modoc Plateau ..... var. siskiyouensis

3' Fruit body 1.5–3 cm; herbage hairs incurved-ascending to appressed; High Cascade Range, s Sierra Nevada Foothills, High Sierra Nevada, n Western Transverse Ranges, n East of Sierra Nevada, White and Inyo Mountains ..... var. whitneyi


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