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A. trichopodus (Nutt.) A. Gray
Perennial herb, robust, bushy-branched; ± minutely strigose, generally also spreading-hairy. Stem: ± erect, 2–10 dm, base hollow. Leaf: 2.5–20 cm, generally subsessile; stipule sheaths rarely present; leaflets 15–39, 2–25 mm, ± lanceolate. Inflorescence: flowers 10–50, early spreading, then reflexed. Flower: calyx 5–8.7 mm, tube 3.6–5.4 mm; petals ± cream, faintly lilac-blushed or -lined or not, banner 11.3–19 mm, recurved 40–45°, keel 8.6–13.7 mm. Fruit: dehiscent from tip, along top suture; pendent, persistent; body 13–45 mm, 4.8–21 mm wide, linear-elliptic, compressed side-to-side to ovate, bladdery, thinly papery, hairs sparse, minute; stalk-like base 5–17 mm, slender, strigose or ± glabrous, not jointed; chamber 1; ovules 10–30. See note under Astragalus asymmetricus. [Online Interchange]

Key to Astragalus trichopodus

1. Fruit compressed side-to-side, not bladdery, sides ± flat or ± convex ..... var. phoxus

1' Fruit bladdery, ± not compressed side-to-side, sides convex

2. Fruit 8–21 mm wide, hairy north of San Diego, sometimes glabrous south, upper suture much less convex than lower ..... var. lonchus

2' Fruit 5–13 mm wide, glabrous, upper suture ± as convex as lower ..... var. trichopodus


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