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Key to Astragalus lentiginosus

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1. Leaflets 3–5, linear-oblanceolate ..... var. piscinensis

1' Leaflets generally >= 7, often wider than linear-oblanceolate

2. Calyx generally > 6.5 mm; keel 8.4–15 mm;

3. Plants of California Floristic Province

4. Inflorescence 7–20-flowered, 1–4 cm in fruit; petals pink-purple; herbage hairs subappressed ..... var. idriensis

4' Inflorescence 10–32-flowered, 4–15 cm in fruit; petals purple, ± yellow, or white; herbage hairs ± spreading or ± appressed

5. Petals cream to ± yellow; herbage hairs ± spreading ..... var. nigricalycis

5' Petals purple (white); herbage hairs ± appressed ..... var. variabilis (4)

3' Plants of Great Basin Floristic Province, D

6. Petals ± white, pink-tinged; Modoc Plateau ..... var. chartaceus

6' Petals generally purple or ± pink; East of Sierra Nevada (Inyo Co.), D

7. Herbage sparsely hairy, ± green, or if densely hairy then generally either fruit sparsely hairy or calyx lobes < 1.4 mm

8. Stem prostrate, > 60 cm; moist alkaline flats, extreme n Mojave Desert ..... var. sesquimetralis

8' Stem ascending or spreading, < 50 cm; generally sand, widespread ..... var. variabilis (4)

7' Herbage hairs dense, silvery, ± gray, or ± white, fruit densely hairy, calyx lobes > 1.4 mm

9. Fruit ± swollen, < 7 mm wide, upper suture concave in side view; e Mojave Desert, s Sonoran Desert ..... var. borreganus

9' Fruit swollen, often bladdery, > 8 mm wide, upper suture convex in side view; n Mojave Desert, nw Sonoran Desert

10. Plant base not woody; Sonoran Desert (Coachella Valley) ..... var. coachellae

10' Plant base ± woody; n Mojave Desert (Eureka Valley) ..... var. micans

2' Calyx generally < 6.5 mm; keel 5.5–10 mm (8.4–12.3 mm in Astragalus lentiginosus var. variabilis)

11. Leaflet densely hairy, ashy-gray or silvery, at least on 1 side

12. Fruit beak curved down, away from stem; clayey, alkaline flats, seeps; East of Sierra Nevada, w Mojave Desert ..... var. albifolius

12' Fruit beak straight or curved up, toward stem; various habitats, generally except clayey, alkaline flats, seeps; Mojave Desert, California Floristic Province

13. Fruit cluster < 4 cm; dry slopes in open pine forest; San Gabriel Mountains ..... var. antonius

13' Fruit cluster > 4 cm; gravel or sand on flats, washes, valleys with creosote, sagebrush, pinyon/juniper; Mojave Desert, s California Floristic Province

14. Keel 5.6–8.5 mm; fruit hairs 0 to sparse; generally e Mojave Desert ..... var. fremontii (2)

14' Keel > (8)8.5 mm; fruit hairs sparse to dense; generally w Mojave Desert ..... var. variabilis (4)

11' Leaflet sparsely hairy or ± glabrous, green (sometimes densely hairy, ± gray in Astragalus lentiginosus var. ineptus)

15. Plants of Modoc Plateau, n East of Sierra Nevada (from c Mono Co.), ± ne California Floristic Province

16. Fruit stiff-papery, ± opaque, minutely hairy at least in youth, often little inflated, not bladdery, strongly incurved ..... var. lentiginosus

16' Fruit thinly papery, translucent, ± glabrous, bladdery, ± straight

17. Fruit cluster dense; stem generally with several to many branches in lower 1/2, generally > 25 cm ..... var. floribundus

17' Fruit cluster ± open; stem generally with 0–few branches in lower 1/2, generally < 30 cm ..... var. salinus

15' Plants of s California Floristic Province, East of Sierra Nevada, D

18. Petals generally bright pink-purple; fruit 12–36 mm

19. Keel generally < 8.5 mm ..... var. fremontii (2)

19' Keel generally > 8.5 mm ..... var. variabilis (4)

18' Petals generally ± white, sometimes pink-tinged; fruit 6–22 mm

20. Fruit beak ± cylindric, slender; calyx lobes generally < 1.2 mm, acute, slender – s High Sierra Nevada ..... var. kernensis

20' Fruit beak flat, ± triangular; calyx lobes often > 1.2 mm, acute, slender (if < 1.2 mm, then blunt, triangular)

21. Calyx lobes < 1.2 mm, blunt, triangular; Transverse Ranges ..... var. sierrae

21' Calyx lobes > 1.2 mm, acute, slender; High Sierra Nevada, East of Sierra Nevada

22. Leaf 1.5–5.5 cm, leaflets 9–21, crowded; High Sierra Nevada, East of Sierra Nevada ..... var. ineptus

22' Leaf 4–9 cm, leaflets 13–27, ± spaced; White and Inyo Mountains ..... var. semotus


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