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Key to Astragalus kentrophyta

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1. Hairs generally branched (1 branch generally shorter, or ± 0); petals often ± white, purple-tinged or not; banner oblanceolate or narrowly obovate; ovules generally 2–4

2. Plant not prostrate, not matted; White and Inyo Mountains ..... var. elatus

2' Plant prostrate, densely matted; East of Sierra Nevada (Mono Valley) ..... var. ungulatus

1' Hairs simple; petals generally pale purple to purple; banner widely obovate, obcordate, or round; ovules generally 5–8

3. Leaflets 3 (5 on lower leaves or not), rigid, spine-tipped; plant a dense rounded cushion ..... var. danaus

3' Leaflets 5–9, ± soft, minutely spine-tipped; plant a ± dense, flat mat ..... var. tegetarius


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