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James S. Pringle, except as noted

Annual to perennial herb [to trees]. Stem: decumbent to erect, < 2 m, simple or branched. Leaf: simple, cauline, sometimes also basal, opposite or whorled, entire, sessile or basal ± petioled; stipules 0. Flower: bisexual, radial, parts in 4s or 5s except pistil 1; sepals fused, persistent; petals fused, ± persistent, sinus between lobes often unappendaged; stamens epipetalous, alternate corolla lobes; ovary superior, chamber 1, placentas parietal, often intruding, stigmas 1–2. Fruit: capsule, 2-valved. Seed: many.
± 90 genera, 1800 species: worldwide; some cultivated (Eustoma, Exacum, Gentiana). [Struwe & Albert 2002 Gentianaceae. Cambridge Univ Press] Gentianella tenella moved to Comastoma. Key to genera revised by Bruce G. Baldwin. —Scientific Editor: Thomas J. Rosatti.
Unabridged references: [Wood & Weaver 1982 J Arnold Arbor 63:441–487; Struwe & Albert 2002 Gentianaceae: Systematics and Natural History. Cambridge Univ Press]

Key to Gentianaceae

1. Base of sinus between corolla lobes truncate or generally with a variously shaped, sometimes fringed appendage, generally > 1 mm wide ..... GENTIANA

1' Base of sinus between corolla lobes unappendaged, acute, << 1 mm wide

2. Corolla ± rotate (bell-shaped), lobed ± to base, nectary pits prominent, fringed

3. Calyx, corolla 4-lobed; cauline leaves opposite or whorled; nectary pits generally 1 per corolla lobe (if 2, stem generally > 1 m, > 1.5 cm diam) ..... FRASERA

3' Calyx, corolla (4)5-lobed; cauline leaves generally (sub)opposite or some alternate; nectary pits 2 per corolla lobe — stem generally < 1 m, < 1 cm diam ..... SWERTIA

2' Corolla not rotate, with distinct tube, nectary pits 0 (but corolla sometimes with fringes or scales, nectaries sometimes elsewhere)

4. Corolla widely bell-shaped, lobes >> tube ..... EUSTOMA

4' Corolla narrowly or not bell-shaped, lobes <= tube

5. Calyx not appressed to, much wider than corolla tube; corolla yellow ..... CICENDIA

5' Calyx ± appressed to, not much wider than corolla tube; corolla pink, blue, violet, or white

6. Corolla salverform, white or generally pink

7. Stigmas 2, elliptic to ovate ..... CENTAURIUM

7' Stigmas 1, 2-lobed, or 2, stigmas or lobes wedge- to fan-shaped ..... ZELTNERA

6' Corolla not salverform, generally blue to violet or white

8. Corolla (17)20–55 mm, lobes ± entire to serrate, jagged, or fringed, without fringes or scales on adaxial surface ..... GENTIANOPSIS

8' Corolla < 20 mm, lobes ± entire, with fringes or scales on adaxial surface near base

9. Flowers 1, terminal on branches, parts generally in 4s; pedicels generally >> subtending internode ..... COMASTOMA

9' Flowers in terminal, also sometimes subterminal cymes, parts generally in 5s; pedicels generally < subtending internode ..... GENTIANELLA


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