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Key to Euphorbiaceae

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1. Inflorescence a compact, flower-like cyathium comprising an involucre of fused bracts that encloses a cluster of 1-stamened staminate flowers and 1 pistillate flower; involucre margin bearing 1–5 nectary glands, these sometimes bearing petal-like appendages ..... EUPHORBIA

1' Inflorescence not a cyathium, not flower-like; pistillate and staminate flowers generally ± separated, not enclosed in an involucre; stamens 2–many per staminate flower

2. Leaves opposite ..... MERCURIALIS

2' Leaves alternate

3. Leaf peltate, blade palmately veined and lobed, 1–5 dm; inflorescence a panicle, terminal ..... RICINUS

3' Leaf not peltate, blade pinnately veined, entire or toothed, generally << 1 dm; inflorescences various

4. Petals present ..... DITAXIS

4' Petals 0

5. Stem and leaf hairs stellate

6. Leaf margin bluntly toothed; stipules persistent; staminate inflorescence axillary ..... BERNARDIA

6' Leaf margin entire; stipules inconspicuous; staminate inflorescence terminal or axillary ..... CROTON

5' Stem and leaf hairs 0 or unbranched

7. Bracts subtending pistillate flowers leaf-like, toothed, > fruit ..... ACALYPHA

7' Bracts subtending pistillate flowers 0 or scale-like, entire, << fruit

8. Leaves with stinging, nettle-like hairs; stamens 3–6; base of pistillate bracts without glands; stem sap clear ..... TRAGIA

8' Leaves ± glabrous or glaucous; stamens 2–3; base of pistillate bracts with 2 large glands; stem sap milky or clear

9. Annual or perennial herb; stamens 2; seeds 2–3.5 mm ..... STILLINGIA

9' Tree; stamens 2–3; seeds 6–9 mm ..... TRIADICA


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