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H. Jochen Schenk & Wayne R. Ferren, Jr.

Annual to shrub, glabrous to hairy. Leaf: generally alternate; blade entire, cylindric to adaxially flattened or completely flattened, fleshy, generally glaucous, tip acute [obtuse to round]. Inflorescence: cyme; clusters sessile, generally in panicles of spikes; bracts leaf-like to reduced; bractlets subtending flowers 1–3, minute, membranous; flowers 1–12 per cluster. Flower: generally bisexual; calyx radial, bilateral, or asymmetric, lobes 5, generally fleshy, rounded, hooded, keeled, horned, or wing-margined; ovary ± lenticular, rounded, conic or pear-shaped, neck occasionally narrowed, stigmas 2–4(5). Fruit: enclosed in calyx. Seed: horizontal or vertical, lenticular or flat, of 2 kinds in some species.
115 species: worldwide, saline and alkaline soils. (Ancient Arabic name) [Ferren & Schenk 2003 FNANM 4:390–398] {hort link}

Key to Suaeda

1. Plant glabrous; ×-sections of fresh leaves ± uniformly green, visible at >= 10× magnification; calyx generally bilateral, 1 or 3 lobes generally larger, lobes in age generally hooded and keeled, horned or wing-margined; ovary rounded to lenticular, stigmas glabrous, arising from tip of ovary; seeds horizontal, lenticular and shiny, or flat and dull

2. Perennial herb, subshrub, or occasionally annual; mature calyx lobes hooded, keeled, horns and wings 0; South Coast ..... S. esteroa

2' Annual; mature calyx lobes horned, keeled, wing-margined, not hooded

3. Flowers 3–7 per cluster; bracts generally widest proximal to middle, fresh bracts membranous-margined at base; branches generally decumbent to ascending ..... S. calceoliformis

3' Flowers 1–3 per cluster; bracts generally widest at ± middle, fresh bracts not membranous-margined at base; branches generally spreading ..... S. occidentalis

1' Plant glabrous to hairy; ×-sections of fresh leaves with a dark green ring just inside epidermis, visible at >= 10× magnification; calyx ± radial, lobes in age generally rounded, hooded or keeled, horns and wings 0; ovary occasionally with neck, stigmas hairy-papillate, arising from pit at tip of ovary; seeds horizontal or vertical, lenticular and shiny

4. Bracts generally < leaves, generally not overlapping or covering internodes at stem tips; old leaf scars ± smooth; flowers 0.7–2 mm, generally on distal stems; inflorescence branches slender, 0.4–2 mm diam; generally inland ..... S. nigra

4' Bracts generally = leaves, overlapping, covering internodes at stem tips; old leaf scars knobby; flowers 1–3 mm, generally throughout; inflorescence branches thick, 2–4 mm diam; coastal

5. Plant glabrous to sparsely hairy, generally green to red; ovary ± conic, without obvious neck; salt marshes, Central Coast ..... S. californica

5' Plant generally densely hairy, glaucous; ovary pear-shaped with obvious neck; coastal bluffs, margins of salt marshes, s Central Coast, South Coast, Channel Islands ..... S. taxifolia


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