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1. Shrub; leaves 3–9 mm, not reduced upward, oblong to ovate, generally puberulent ..... S. damascena

1' Annual; leaves 5–55 mm, generally reduced upward, thread-like to lanceolate, glabrous to hairy or papillate.

2. Plant strongly fleshy in fruit; sepal wings in fruit ± tubercled, thickened, rudimentary; leaf and bract narrowed abruptly to short-pointed tip; stem glabrous ..... S. soda

2' Plant not or ± fleshy in fruit; sepal wings in fruit thin, membranous, well developed on at least some fruits; leaf and bract tips narrowed gradually to sharp spine; stem glabrous to bristly, papillate-hairy, or with mixed hair types

3. Stem papillate-hairy or with mixed hair types

4. Sepals 5, generally all winged, sepal tips in fruit soft to spiny; stem hairs mixed bristly- and papillate-hairy, or papillate-hairy only; bract wing 0.3–0.6 mm ..... S. gobicola (2)

4' Sepals 5, 3 segments generally winged, 2 rudimentary to ± narrowly winged, sepal tips in fruit hardened into sharp 3–5-parted spine; stem hairs papillate; bract wing generally < 0.3 mm or 0 ..... S. paulsenii

3' Stem glabrous to bristly, bristles occasionally few or short

5. Smallest 2 sepal wings fan-shaped to broadly obovate, length 1–2 × width; anthers <= 0.7 mm ..... S. australis

5' Smallest 2 sepal wings oblong, spoon-shaped, lanceolate, linear, or rudimentary, generally not ± fan-shaped, length > 3 × width; anthers >= 0.6 mm

6. Bract wing narrow, 0.3–0.6 mm, opaque-white to ± translucent, base not surrounding fruit; sepal wings ± translucent, smallest 2 narrowly oblanceolate to linear, or 1 (both) rudimentary ..... S. gobicola (2)

6' Bract wing broad, generally > 0.4 mm, ± translucent, base surrounding fruit; sepal wings opaque to translucent, smallest 2 narrowly winged

7. Smallest 2 sepal wings narrower at base, broadened gradually or sharply to generally rounded tips; stem hairs sparse, short; anthers 0.6–0.9 mm ..... S. ryanii

7' Smallest 2 sepal wings with ± parallel sides, tip unevenly lobed, or wing linear and tip ± truncate; stem glabrous to bristly; anthers 0.6–1.3 mm ..... S. tragus


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