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Key to Salicornia

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1. Subshrub, some stems vegetative only; central flowers of a node separating lateral flowers, flowers in a horizontal row

2. Woody stems spreading to erect; longest spikes with 12–40 fertile nodes ..... S. pacifica

2' Woody stems creeping; longest spikes with 7–14 fertile nodes ..... S. perennis

1' Annual, all stems terminated by inflorescence; lateral flowers of a node generally meeting below central flower, flowers in a triangle.

3. Leaf, bract tips generally acute, sharp-mucronate; inflorescence internode length < width ..... S. bigelovii

3' Leaf, bract tips obtuse to ± acute, not sharp; inflorescence internode length >= width

4. Inflorescence internodes ± cylindric; central flower ± > lateral flowers; anthers 0.3–0.5+ mm, exserted before dehiscence ..... S. depressa

4' Inflorescence internodes widest distally; central flower >> lateral flowers; anthers 0.2–0.4 mm, generally dehiscing inside flower, generally not exserted ..... S. rubra


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