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G. Frederic Hrusa & Dieter H. Wilken

Annual to subshrub, generally erect, glabrous to tomentose. Leaf: alternate or lower ± opposite, ± thread-like to lanceolate, flat to cylindric, fleshy or not. Inflorescence: spikes, simple or branched; bracts leaf-like; flowers 1–7 per axil. Flower: bisexual or pistillate, sessile; calyx lobes 5, incurved, keeled; tubercled, winged or not in fruit; stamens 5; stigmas 2–3. Fruit: ± compressed-spheric. Seed: horizontal.
± 15 species: western North America, Eurasia. (Wilhelm D. Koch, German physician, botanist, 1771–1849) [Chu & Sanderson 2008 Madroño 55:251–256] Native species recently treated in Neokochia, Kochia scoparia in Bassia.

Key to Kochia

1. Annual; lower cauline leaves narrowed to base or short-petioled, generally 3–5-veined below middle ..... K. scoparia subsp. scoparia

1' Perennial herb or subshrub; leaves sessile, vein 1 or obscure

2. Stems many from base, generally simple, glabrous to finely white-tomentose; leaves generally overlapping ..... K. americana

2' Stems 1–few from base, generally branched throughout, gray- to brown-puberulent; leaves not overlapping ..... K. californica


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