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Steven E. Clemants & Nuri Benet-Pierce

Annual to perennial herb, glandular, ± strongly scented. Stem: generally ± branched. Leaf: alternate, generally petioled; blade linear to ovate, entire to lobed, dentate or serrate, base generally tapered. Inflorescence: spikes, panicles, or dense axillary spheric clusters; bracts leaf-like, reduced, or 0. Flower: generally sessile; calyx lobes 1–5, fused or not, flat to keeled, persistent; stamens 1–5; stigmas 1–3. Fruit: achene, ± 1 mm; fruit wall free or attached to seed, thin, smooth to papillate, occasionally densely glandular. Seed: vertical or horizontal, red-brown to black.
± 32 species: temperate; some cultivated for food, medicine. (Greek: obscure, apparently for inconspicuous flowers) [Clemants & Mosyakin 2003 FNANM 4:267–275] Fruit generally required for identification.
Unabridged references: [Wahl 1954 Bartonia 27:1–46]

Key to Dysphania

1. Plant ± sprawling; calyx lobes fused ± to tip, surface netted, tube enclosing fruit ..... D. multifida

1' Plant generally erect; calyx deeply 5-lobed, ± spheric, surface not netted, lobes generally folded over fruit

2. Leaf blade lobed, 3–65 mm; sepals glandular; fruit wall not glandular, adherent to seed; seed margin generally ridged

3. Leaf blade ovate to elliptic, margin irregular-wavy to deeply pinnately lobed; inflorescence spike or panicle-like, occasionally terminal; sepals densely stalked-glandular ..... D. botrys

3' Leaf blade elliptic to lanceolate, margin coarsely wavy-dentate, lobes obtuse; inflorescence ± spheric axillary clusters; sepals sessile-glandular ..... D. pumilio

2' Leaf blade coarsely dentate to jagged-cut or occasionally entire, 15–100 mm; sepals sparsely glandular; fruit wall glandular, generally free from seed; seed margin rounded

4. Inflorescence bracts 0 or reduced, leaf-like, < 2.5 mm ..... D. anthelmintica

4' Inflorescence bracts leaf-like, 3–25 mm

5. Leaves, petioles generally densely glandular, stem glabrous or gland-dotted ..... D. ambrosioides

5' Leaves, petioles, stem glandular, soft-long-wavy-hairy ..... D. chilensis


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