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Key to Ipomoea

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1. Leaf palmately compound ..... I. cairica

1' Leaf simple, lobed or entire

2. Sepals 14–25 mm, abruptly or gradually narrowed to slender, leaf-like tip; annual, perennial herb

3. Corolla 2–6 cm; leaf sparsely strigose; sepals 16–25 mm, abruptly narrowed to tip, hairs near base 2–6 mm; annual ..... I. hederacea

3' Corolla 5–7 cm; leaf glabrous to strigose or canescent; sepals 14–20 mm, gradually narrowed to tip, hairs near base 0 to ± 1 mm; perennial herb ..... I. indica

2' Sepals 6–16 mm, abruptly narrowed to needle-like tip or not; annual

4. Corolla 4–6 cm; sepals 12–16 mm; leaf ± hairy ..... I. purpurea

4' Corolla 1–2 cm; sepals 6–7 mm; leaf glabrous ..... I. triloba


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