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Specimen numbers are hyperlinked to records in the Consortium of California Herbaria data view where possible. Taxa are hyperlinked to entries in the Jepson Interchange via the "[Online Interchange]" link.


Annual, perennial herb from caudex or rhizome, generally ± glabrous. Stem: generally trailing to high-climbing, generally twisting, twining. Leaf: generally > 1 cm, generally petioled, generally cordate or hastate. Inflorescence: bracts generally 2, > 1 mm below calyx, not hiding it. Flower: generally showy; corolla generally funnel-shaped, pleated, 5-angled or -lobed; stamens included; ovary chambers 2, septa complete, stigma lobes 2, linear to narrowly spoon-shaped, tips acute. Fruit: spheric, ± inflated. Seed: generally 4.
250 species: generally temperate. (Latin, entwine) Not easily distinguished from Calystegia.

Key to Convolvulus

1. Upper leaves deeply 3–many-lobed, lobes ± linear ..... [C. althaeoides]

1' Upper leaves entire to hastate, lobes wider than linear

2. Leaf hastate, petioled; corolla white, ± pink abaxially, especially at folds ..... C. arvensis

2' Leaf obovate to oblanceolate, ± sessile, narrowed to base; corolla pale-pink or -blue or white with yellow base, blue tips

3. Corolla ± 0.6 cm, pale-pink or -blue ..... C. simulans

3' Corolla 1.4–4 cm, center yellow, perimeter blue-purple, white between ..... [C. tricolor]


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