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Annual or perennial herb, sticky-glandular, aromatic. Leaf: ± odd-1–2-pinnate. Inflorescence: raceme; pedicels jointed. Flower: often nodding; parts generally 5; sepals free ± to base; corolla yellow, ± rotate or lobes reflexed; anthers > filaments, tube-like around style, tapered, opening by slits from tip (except sterile part); stigma exserted from anthers. Fruit: berry, green to red, fleshy. Seed: coat gelatinous.
± 6 species: western South America, Central America. (Greek: wolf peach, from supposed toxic properties) [Peralta et al. 2008 Syst Bot Monogr 84:1–186] Recently included in Solanum.
Unabridged references: [Muller 1940 USDA Misc Publ 382; Peralta, I. E., D.M. Spooner & S. Knapp. 2008. Taxonomy of wild tomatoes and their relatives (Solanum sect. Lycopersicoides, sect. Juglandifolia, sect. Lycopersicon: Solanaceae). Syst Bot Monographs 84: 1–186]

Key to Lycopersicon

1. Herbage green, hairs to 3.5 mm; leaflets 3–10 cm, 10–45 mm wide; fruit glabrous ..... L. esculentum

1' Herbage gray-green, hairs to 0.5 mm; leaflets generally ± 3.5 cm, ± 10 mm wide; fruit puberulent ..... L. peruvianum


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