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Perennial herb; hairs ± scale-like. Stem: decumbent, branched. Leaf: entire to ± deeply pinnately lobed. Inflorescence: axillary, cluster, 1–5-flowered. Flower: calyx in fruit ± enlarged but not bladder-like, open at top; corolla ± rotate, tomentose between stamen bases; anthers free, generally < filaments, opening by slits; style 1. Fruit: berry, spheric, partly enclosed by calyx. Seed: ± flat, reniform.
± 9 species: especially southwestern United States, Mexico. (Greek: low Saracha, a South American genus in family)
Unabridged references: [Averett 1973 Rhodora 75:325–365]

Key to Chamaesaracha

1. Leaf ± linear to lanceolate, margin ± entire to ± deeply lobed, not wavy; corolla 10–15 mm wide; e Desert Mountains (New York Mtns) ..... C. coronopus

1' Leaf ± ovate, margin entire, wavy or not; corolla 15–25 mm wide; Cascade Range, High Sierra Nevada, Great Basin Floristic Province ..... C. nana


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