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Annual, perennial herb; roots septate; generally monoecious; scape generally straight at inflorescence. Leaf: petiole cylindric to 3-angled; submersed blades tapered to base; floating or emergent blades generally sagittate (linear to ovate). Inflorescence: lowest node generally with 3 pistillate flowers, those above generally staminate. Flower: sepals 3–10 mm, reflexed to appressed in fruit; petals generally entire. Staminate flower: stamens 7–30. Pistillate flower: receptacle convex; pistils many, spiralled on convex receptacle. Fruit: body generally 2–3.5 mm, strongly compressed, abaxially winged or ridged; beak generally lateral, spreading to erect.
± 30 species: worldwide, especially America. (Latin: arrow, from leaf shape) Some species weedy; tubers of some eaten by humans, wildlife; Sagittaria brevirostra Mack. & Bush reportedly persisting at Stafford Lake and Chileno Laguna, Marin Co.
Unabridged references: [Bogin 1955 Mem New York Bot Gard 9:179–233]

Key to Sagittaria

1. Pistillate flowers ± sessile; scape bent at inflorescence ..... S. rigida

1' Pistillate flowers pedicelled; scape straight at inflorescence

2. Stolons, tubers 0; lowest inflorescence node with 2 bisexual flowers ..... S. montevidensis subsp. calycina

2' Stolons, tubers present; lowest inflorescence node with 3 pistillate flowers

3. Emergent leaf blades linear to lanceolate; pedicels recurved in fruit, thickened ..... S. sanfordii

3' Emergent leaf blades generally sagittate; pedicels ascending in fruit, not thickened

4. Basal lobes of emergent leaf blades generally > terminal; tubers spheric, tan ..... S. longiloba

4' Basal lobes of emergent leaf blades <= terminal; tubers oblong, ± white or ± blue

5. Fruit beak terminal, erect, 0.1–0.4 mm; emergent leaves with petioles recurved, basal lobes of blades < terminal ..... S. cuneata

5' Fruit beak lateral, spreading, 1–2 mm; emergent leaves with petioles ascending to erect, basal lobes of blades ± = terminal ..... S. latifolia


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