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Key to Veronica

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1. Racemes axillary; herbage generally glabrous; perennial herb

2. Leaves petioled ..... V. americana

2' Leaves sessile (proximal rarely short-petioled)

3. Racemes alternate; leaf lance-linear, length generally >> 5 × width; fruit deeply notched ..... V. scutellata

3' Racemes opposite; leaf elliptic or lanceolate to ovate, length < 5 × width; fruit entire or slightly notched

4. Leaves elliptic to ovate, length 1.5–3 × width; corolla 5–10 mm, lavender to blue; fruit rounded to obcordate ..... V. anagallis-aquatica

4' Leaves lanceolate, length 3–5 × width; corolla 3–5 mm, pink; fruit notched 0.1–0.3 mm ..... V. catenata

1' Racemes mostly terminal, or flowers 1 in axils; herbage generally hairy; annual or perennial herb

5. Perennial herb, rhizomed

6. Style 6–9 mm, > fruit; corolla 8–13 mm

7. Leaves hairy; corolla 8–10 mm, pale blue to lavender-rose; e Klamath Ranges ..... V. copelandii

7' Leaves generally glabrous; corolla 10–13 mm, deep blue; Cascade Range, n&c High Sierra Nevada ..... V. cusickii

6' Style 0.8–3 mm, generally < fruit; corolla 6–10 mm

8. Style 2–3 mm; fruit generally < calyx, wider than long; stem decumbent ..... V. serpyllifolia subsp. humifusa

8' Style 0.8–1.3 mm; fruit > calyx, longer than wide; stem erect nearly from base ..... V. wormskjoldii

5' Annual, fibrous-rooted or taprooted

9. Pedicel 0.5–2 mm, < calyx; seeds generally many per chamber, flat, smooth

10. Leaf triangular to ovate, crenate to serrate; sepals unequal (outer pair larger); corolla blue to violet ..... V. arvensis

10' Leaf oblong to spoon-shaped, entire to ± serrate; sepals ± equal; corolla ± white ..... V. peregrina subsp. xalapensis

9' Pedicel 4–30 mm, generally > calyx; seeds 5–12 per chamber, concave, outer surface rough

11. Pedicel 15–30 mm; leaf crenate to serrate; style 2–3 mm; fruit lobes spreading ..... V. persica

11' Pedicel 4–15 mm; leaf palmately 3–9 lobed; style 1.2–1.6 mm; fruit lobes ± parallel (or fruit ± round) ..... [V. triphyllos]


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