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Margriet Wetherwax, T I. Chuang & Lawrence R. Heckard

Annual, green to yellow-brown or ± purple; generally ascending-branched. Leaf: alternate or ± basal, sessile, ± linear, distal finely divided. Inflorescence: spike and/or flowers solitary in axils; bracts generally leaf-like. Flower: calyx ± equally 4-lobed; corolla tube generally slender, upper lip folded lengthwise, tip of upper 2 corolla lobes open, opening directed forward, forming a beak, lower lip deeply 3-pouched, 3-toothed, throat abruptly generally indented forming a fold proximal to lower lip; stamens 4, anther sac 1 per stamen, generally included; stigma generally slightly enlarged, entire to slightly 2-lobed. Seed: 20–80, 0.8–1.2 mm, ovoid, attached at base, dark brown; coat netted, generally tight-fitting.
6 species: western North America, China. (Greek: 3 bladders, from lower lip pouches) [Chuang & Heckard 1991 Syst Bot 16:644–666] Hybrids common. Related to Castilleja, Orthocarpus; isolated reproductively. {hort link}
Unabridged references: [Hong 1996 Novon 6:372–374]

Key to Triphysaria

1. Plant generally <= 20 cm, decumbent-branched from base; corolla 4–7 mm, beak hooked, pouches ± 1 mm deep ..... T. pusilla

1' Plant generally >= 10 cm, ± ascending-branched; corolla 8–25 mm, beak not hooked, pouches generally 1.5–4 mm deep

2. Stamens exserted; pouch ± 2 mm deep ..... T. floribunda

2' Stamens ± included; pouch depth generally > 2 mm deep (except Triphysaria micrantha)

3. Plant green- or yellow-brown, generally glabrous; corolla yellow or white, beak ± yellow ..... T. versicolor

4. Corolla yellow; coastal to inland ..... subsp. faucibarbata

4' Corolla white fading rose-pink; coastal ..... subsp. versicolor

3' Plant ± purple, generally puberulent at least distally; corolla sulphur-yellow or white to rose, beak dark purple

5. Corolla 8–15 mm, ± = bract, pouches 1–2 mm deep ..... T. micrantha

5' Corolla 10–25 mm, > bract, pouches 3–4 mm deep ..... T. eriantha

6. Corolla yellow ..... subsp. eriantha

6' Corolla white, fading rose-pink ..... subsp. rosea


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