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Larry Hufford

Perennial herb, rhizomed. Leaf: basal, deciduous to persistent, long-petioled; blade ovate to round, base acute to cordate, tip acute to rounded, margin serrate, some deeply cut to pinnately lobed. Inflorescence: scapose; axillary raceme fusiform to conical, dense to open; flowers 5–100, bracts subtending flowers or not. Flower: bilateral; sepals 2–4, fused laterally; petals 3–4 or 0, fused basally, bell-shaped [2-lipped], blue to purple-blue or white; stamens 2, epipetalous, exserted; stigmas 2, fused, minutely capped, ovules 2–16. Fruit: loculicidal, laterally flattened, notched at tip. Seed: flattened front-to-back or ± cupped, oval; coat net-like, brown.
19 species: North America. (Greek: united door, from basally united valves of fruit)

Key to Synthyris

1. Inflorescence erect in fruit; flowers >= 15 per inflorescence; ovules 10–16 per flower — Warner Mountains ..... S. missurica subsp. missurica

1' Inflorescence curved to reclining on soil in fruit; flowers 5–10 per inflorescence; ovules 4 per flower

2. Leaf blade generally longer than wide, base lobed to cordate, tip acute to obtuse; corolla tube glabrous to minutely hairy; Northwestern California ..... S. cordata

2' Leaf blade wider than long, base lobed, tip obtuse to rounded; corolla tube long-soft-wavy-hairy; Northwestern California, San Francisco Bay Area ..... S. reniformis


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