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1. Annual, 15–60(90) cm; flowers generally 1–5 in leaf axils; calyx lobes lanceolate, acuminate, margins not scarious ..... S. peregrina

1' Perennial herb, occasionally shrubby, 70–180 cm; flowers 3–10(24) per panicle branch; calyx lobes triangular-ovate, acute to rounded, margins generally scarious

2. Inflorescence glandular-long-soft-hairy ..... S. villosa

2' Inflorescence glandular-puberulent to -hairy

3. Corolla dark red to ± black, appearing much-inflated proximally, mouth much-constricted ..... S. atrata

3' Corolla generally less dark, inflated proximally, mouth ± constricted

4. Leaves yellow- to gray-green (dull-green); base wedge-shaped; pedicels slender, generally curved upward; corolla 7–9 mm, 2-colored, upper lobes maroon, lower cream, edges ± pink ..... S. desertorum

4' Leaves dark to light green; base truncate to cordate or occasionally ± wedge-shaped; pedicels slender to ± stout, straight, not curved upward; corolla 8–14 mm, 1–2-colored, red to maroon or ± green-brown throughout, or upper lobes red to maroon and lower paler or ± yellow-green

5. Staminode tip club-shaped to obovate; California Floristic Province ..... S. californica

5' Staminode tip fan-shaped; Klamath Ranges, Cascade Range, Modoc Plateau ..... S. lanceolata


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