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Margriet Wetherwax, T.I. Chuang & Lawrence R. Heckard

Annual, green. Leaf: alternate, sessile, entire to 3-lobed. Inflorescence: spike; bracts generally distinct from leaves, 1 per flower, entire to 5-lobed, tips generally colored. Flower: calyx unequally 4-lobed, deepest sinus adaxial; corolla club-shaped, upper lip folded lengthwise, tip rounded, closed, opening directed downward forming a hood enclosing anthers and style, lower lip shorter, ± 3-pouched, (0)3-toothed; stamens 4, anther sacs 2, unequal; style, stigma slender. Fruit: generally ± notched. Seed: generally 8–15, often ± curved, ± keeled, attached at side; coat netted or ridged, tight-fitting.
9 species: western North America. (Greek: straight fruit) [Chuang & Heckard 1992 Syst Bot 17:560–582] Close to Cordylanthus; other species formerly placed here are Castilleja (owl's-clovers) or Triphysaria (Johnny-tuck). {hort link}

Key to Orthocarpus

1. Bracts grading into distal leaves, uniformly green or occasionally distal-most purple-tinged, lobes 3, triangular to lanceolate

2. Corolla white to ± purple, generally 12–20 mm; beak tip strongly hooked; lower corolla lip deeply pouched, teeth 0 ..... O. bracteosus

2' Corolla golden-yellow, 10–15 mm; beak tip obscurely hooked; lower corolla lip moderately pouched, teeth 3, incurved ..... O. luteus

1' Bracts differing abruptly from distal leaves, ± purple or white at tips, lateral 2–4 lobes much narrower than ovate or oblong central lobe

3. Beak with conspicuous, cylindric, hooked tip

4. Corolla 10–15 mm ..... O. imbricatus

4' Corolla 25–30 mm ..... O. pachystachyus

3' Beak straight, without cylindric, hooked tip ..... O. cuspidatus

5. Corolla 16–25 mm; beak 7–8 mm, generally 1–4 mm > lower lip; pouches 4–5 mm deep ..... subsp. cuspidatus

5' Corolla 9–18 mm; beak 3–6 mm, <= 1 mm > lower lip; pouches 1–3 mm deep

6. Corolla 14–18 mm, exserted, beak 5–6 mm, pouches ± 3 mm deep ..... subsp. copelandii

6' Corolla 9–14 mm, included, ± hidden by bract, beak 3–4 mm, pouches 1–2 mm deep ..... subsp. cryptanthus


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