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Margriet Wetherwax & David M. Thompson

Annual, hairy. Stem: erect; branches 0 or few. Leaf: proximal generally opposite, distal alternate; lanceolate, entire; veins pinnate. Inflorescence: crowded; flowers 1 in axils. Flower: calyx lobes 5, ± equal; corolla base sac-like, lips flaring, ± fan-shaped, lower lip base swollen, closing throat; stamens 2, included, anther sacs 1 per stamen, staminodes 2. Fruit: obliquely ovoid, fragile; chambers dehiscent by 1–2 large pores near tip. Seed: ovate, flat, smooth; wing incurved, ± cup-shaped.
2 species: southwestern United States, northern Mexico. (Mojave River, where first collected by John Frémont) [Oyama & Baum 2004 Amer J Bot 91:918–925] Best included in Antirrhinum (name in Antirrhinum unavailable for Mohavea breviflora).

Key to Mohavea

1. Corolla 15–20 mm, dark yellow ..... M. breviflora

1' Corolla 25–35 mm, ± yellow to white ..... M. confertiflora


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