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Robert E. Preston & Margriet Wetherwax

Annual to perennial herb, generally glabrous. Stem: erect, simple or branched at base. Leaf: generally opposite or whorled (or distal alternate), sessile, linear to ovate, generally wider on non-flowering shoots, entire to dentate, pinnately veined. Inflorescence: spike or raceme, terminal; bracts reduced, alternate. Flower: sepals 5, free to near base, lobes ± equal; corolla 5-lobed, 2-lipped, lower lip >= upper, lower side of tube spurred at base, lower side of throat swollen, ± hairy, ± closing corolla below lips; stamens 4, in 2 pairs, included; stigma small, lobes 0 or 2, flat. Fruit: opening by slits into chambers near tip, ± spheric. Seed: many, flat and winged or pyramid-shaped and 0–3-ridged.
± 100 species: Europe, Asia, northern Africa; many cultivated. (Latin: flax, from flax-like leaves of some) [Sutton 1988 Revision tribe Antirrhineae. Oxford Univ Press] Corolla length includes spur. Linaria supina (L.) Chaz. mistakenly reported for California in TJM (1993). Linaria canadensis moved to Nuttallanthus.

Key to Linaria

1. Corolla yellow

2. Leaf lanceolate to ovate; corolla 20–50 mm; seed ± pyramid-shaped, ridged ..... L. dalmatica subsp. dalmatica

2' Leaf ± linear; corolla 18–32 mm; seed flat, winged ..... L. vulgaris

1' Corolla generally not yellow (except sometimes throat)

3. Perennial herb from woody base; leaf linear to oblanceolate ..... [L. purpurea]

3' Annual; leaf linear to elliptic

4. Inflorescence glabrous; corolla violet, throat swelling white with orange patch at base ..... L. bipartita

4' Inflorescence ± glandular-puberulent; corolla red-violet to magenta, throat swelling red, yellow, or white

5. Calyx lobes lanceolate; inflorescence open in fruit; corolla 20–38 mm ..... L. maroccana

5' Calyx lobes ovate; inflorescence dense in fruit; corolla 15–18 mm ..... L. pinifolia


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