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Margriet Wetherwax & David M. Thompson

Annual [perennial herb, shrub], hairy, glandular. Stem: generally decumbent, much-branched. Leaf: alternate (proximal-most sometimes opposite), generally entire, ± sessile; veins pinnate. Inflorescence: flower 1 in axils; pedicel straight. Flower: calyx segments 5, ± free, equal; corolla tube with conic or cylindric spur at base, lower lip base swollen, closing mouth; stamens 4, staminode minute. Fruit: ± spheric; chambers equal, circumscissile. Seed: many, 0.3–1.3 mm, ± netted or ridged.
± 9 species: Europe, Mediterranean., western Asia. (Jean Kickx father and/or son, 17th, 18th century Belgian professors) [Ghebrehiwet 2001 Nord J Bot 20:655–690]
Unabridged references: [Sutton 1988 A revision of the tribe Antirrhineae. Oxford Univ Press]

Key to Kickxia

1. Proximal leaves ovate to hastate, distal leaves hastate to sagittate ..... K. elatine

1' Leaves narrowly to widely ovate or subcordate throughout ..... K. spuria


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