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Dwayne Estes

Annual; herbage glabrous proximally, glandular-puberulent distally; roots fibrous. Stem: erect to decumbent, < 30 cm, rounded to ± 4-angled. Leaf: cauline, opposite, sessile or ± clasping, subentire to dentate, palmately veined. Inflorescence: flowers 1 per leaf axil, pedicelled, bractlets present or 0. Flower: sepals 5, generally free; corolla 5-lobed, tube 4-angled, > lobes, ± purple-lined, upper lip 2-lobed or notched, lower 3-lobed; fertile stamens 2, anther sacs of each stamen separated, parallel; ovary subtended by nectary, stigma weakly 2-lobed. Fruit: septicidal and loculicidal, 4-valved, 3–6 mm, ovoid to spheric. Seed: many, 0.5–0.9 mm, coat net-like, ± brown.
± 25 species: temperate, tropical mountains, North America, Europe, Asia, Australia, South America. (Latin: grace or favor, from supposed medicinal quality) [Estes & Small 2008 Syst Bot 33:176–182]

Key to Gratiola

1. Pedicel bractlets 2, sepal-like; corolla 2–3 × calyx ..... G. neglecta

1' Pedicel bractlets 0; corolla < 2 × calyx

2. Leaf, sepal tips acuminate; sepals free, equal; stems with 6–12 leafy nodes; corolla throat ± yellow, limb white, ± pink-tinged ..... G. ebracteata

2' Leaf, sepal tips rounded to notched; sepals unequally fused at base, unequal; stems with 4–7 leafy nodes; corolla generally yellow (except lower 3 lobes white) ..... G. heterosepala


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