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Michael S. Park

Plant generally ± hairy, often glandular; caudex or rhizome generally not woody, generally scaly. Leaf: blade obovate to round, base tapered to reniform or cordate, margin lobed. Inflorescence: raceme or panicle; flowers 1–many; bracts scale-like. Flower: hypanthium free or ± fused to ovary; [petals sometimes spotted]; stamens 10, filaments generally flat; pistil 1, ovary superior to ± inferior (sometimes more superior in fruit), chambers 2, placentas 2, axile, styles 2, free throughout. Fruit: capsule.
± 300 species: cool northern temperate, boreal, arctic. (Latin: rock-breaking) Saxifraga stolonifera W. Curtis cultivated only. Other taxa in TJM (1993) moved to Cascadia, Micranthes.

Key to Saxifraga

1. Leaves cauline on ± trailing stem, lobed only at blade tip, lobes ± linear ..... S. cespitosa

1' Leaves mostly basal, cauline smaller and fewer, lobed from blade base to tip, lobes not linear

2. Leaf blade generally 5–8 mm, divided > 1/2 to base; leaf lobes 3–5, elliptic to round, not toothed ..... S. hyperborea

2' Leaf blade generally > 15 mm, divided < 1/4 to base; leaf lobes >> 5, triangular to semicircular, toothed ..... S. mertensiana


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