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1. Styles and generally all stamens included in full flower

2. Petals generally 0; inflorescence narrow, spike-like ..... H. cylindrica

2' Petals present, ± conspicuous; inflorescence more open, panicle or raceme-like

3. Hypanthium + calyx 2–3(4.2) mm, radial; calyx lobes equal, cream to ± yellow, tips pink to ± green ..... H. parvifolia

3' Hypanthium + calyx generally > 3.5 mm, ± bilateral; calyx lobes ± unequal, light pink to red-purple, tips green or not (Heuchera caespitosa complex)

4. Inflorescence glands nearly sessile, stalk ± = gland; leaf blade generally < 15 mm, generally broadly ovate, lobed ± 1/2 to base ..... H. abramsii

4' Inflorescence glands nearly sessile and long-stalked, stalk >> gland; leaf blade generally > 15 mm, generally round to reniform, lobed 1/4–1/3 to base

5. Stamens generally < 1/2 calyx lobes; part of hypanthium free from ovary ± 0.7 mm on short side, ± 1.5 mm on long side – Peninsular Ranges (San Diego Co.) ..... H. brevistaminea

5' Stamens ± = calyx lobes; part of hypanthium free from ovary > 0.8 mm on short side, > 1.8 mm on long side

6. Calyx lobes all well developed ..... H. caespitosa

6' Calyx lobes on long side of hypanthium minute – Peninsular Ranges ..... H. hirsutissima

1' Styles and stamens exserted in full flower

7. Flower ± bilateral; calyx lobes ± equal or not; part of hypanthium fused to ovary ± = long side of free part

8. Petals 2–3 mm, > 0.3 mm wide, oblanceolate, unequal; hypanthium strongly oblique ..... H. parishii

8' Petals 3–6 mm, generally << 0.3 mm wide, thread-like to narrowly oblanceolate, equal; hypanthium slightly oblique ..... H. rubescens

7' Flower ± radial; calyx lobes ± equal; part of hypanthium fused to ovary generally > free part

9. Styles 2–4 mm, exserted; hypanthium broadly obconic, base tapered; inflorescence generally open

10. Hypanthium + calyx 3.5–4.5 mm; leaf blade 6–18 cm wide; n Channel Islands ..... H. maxima

10' Hypanthium + calyx 1.5–3(5) mm; leaf blade 2–10 cm wide; mainland ..... H. micrantha

9' Styles generally <= 1.8 mm, barely exserted; hypanthium bell-shaped, base truncate; inflorescence ± dense or open

11. Leaf blade generally round, base ± truncate; petiole 2–5 cm, hairs short, stiff; >= 1500 m ..... H. merriamii

11' Leaf blade generally ovate, base cordate; petiole 7–20 cm, hairs long, soft; < 500 m ..... H. pilosissima


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