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Peter F. Zika

Shrub, ± evergreen; thorns often leafy or branched. Leaf: simple, ± evergreen, margin generally rolled under, unlobed, entire to toothed; stipules early-deciduous; petiole short. Inflorescence: raceme or panicle at ends of short-shoots; pedicel bractlets 0. Flower: hypanthium bractlets 0; sepals persistent; petals white; stamens 20, fused at base; ovary 1/2-inferior, chambers 5. Fruit: pome, drupe-like, ± spheric or depressed-spheric, open at top, stones 5, free, 2-ovuled.
10 species: Mediterranean, Asia. (Greek: fire thorn, from fruit color, thorns) Fruiting Jun–Apr.

Key to Pyracantha

1. Leaf generally serrate to crenate over much of margin

2. Leaf tip obtuse or ± notched, oblong-obovate to obovate; pedicels glabrous or sparsely hairy in flower; stones ± black ..... P. fortuneana

2' Leaf tip generally acute, generally oblong-elliptic to lanceolate, elliptic, or ovate (rarely oblanceolate in some Pyracantha coccinea); pedicels generally hairy in flower; stones brown

3. Hypanthium hairy in flower; new growth gray-hairy; leaves on vigorous shoots generally elliptic ..... [P. coccinea]

3' Hypanthium glabrous in flower; new growth rusty-hairy; leaves on vigorous shoots narrow-oblong-elliptic ..... [P. crenulata]

1' Leaf generally entire or with a few well separated low or rounded teeth toward tip

4. Sepals in fruit, young leaves densely gray-hairy abaxially; leaves generally narrowly oblong to ± oblanceolate ..... P. angustifolia

4' Sepals in fruit, young leaves ± glabrous or ± rusty- or yellow-brown-hairy abaxially; leaves narrowly oblanceolate to elliptic

5. Leaves generally widest near middle, tips generally obtuse or abruptly soft-pointed; petals generally ovate, 4–5 mm ..... [P. atalantioides]

5' Leaves generally widest above middle, tips generally truncate or ± notched; petals generally round or widely elliptic, 3–4 mm ..... P. koidzumii


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