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Brian Vanden Heuvel & Thomas J. Rosatti

Shrub. Leaf: ± clustered on short-shoots, simple, persistent or drought-deciduous, generally deeply 3–9-lobed, generally with ± sunken glands adaxially, margin generally not toothed, ± strongly rolled under; bases persistent, overlapping, sheathing stem. Inflorescence: flowers generally 1 on short-shoots. Flower: hypanthium ± funnel-shaped, outside hairy, partly glandular or not, bractlets small, lanceolate; sepals 5, overlapping; petals 5, white to cream [yellow]; stamens (15)20–80(125); pistils 1–7(10), simple. Fruit: achene, ± fusiform to oblong, styles persistent, ± hairy.
6 species: southwestern United States, northern Mexico. (Frederick T. Pursh, North American botanist, 1774–1820)
Unabridged etymology: (Frederick T. Pursh, North American botanist, author of Flora Americae Septentrionalis, 1774–1820)
Unabridged references: [Koehler & Smith 1981 Madroño 28:13–25; Henrickson 1986 Phytologia 60:468]

Key to Purshia

1. Pistils (3)4–7(10); styles in fruit 20–60 mm, plumose; leaf lobes (3)5(7), central not spiny at tip ..... P. stansburyana

1' Pistils 1–2; styles in fruit 5–7(10) mm, not plumose; leaf lobes 3(5), central generally spiny at tip ..... P. tridentata

2. Leaves adaxially sparsely nonglandular-hairy, sessile or sunken glands few to many; twig hairs generally glandular ..... var. glandulosa

2' Leaves adaxially densely nonglandular-hairy, sessile or sunken glands 0–few; twig hairs generally nonglandular ..... var. tridentata


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