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1. Inflorescence an elongate raceme, flowers 15–many

2. Leaves deciduous, finely serrate; inflorescence leafy at base; fruit 6–14 mm ..... P. virginiana var. demissa

2' Leaves evergreen, entire or spiny-serrate; inflorescence leafless at base; fruit 12–25 mm ..... P. ilicifolia

3. Leaf margin spiny-serrate, ± wavy, blade widely ovate to round; petiole 3–10 mm; s North Coast Ranges, Central Western California, Southwestern California (except Channel Islands) ..... subsp. ilicifolia

3' Leaf margin generally entire, flat, blade generally ovate; petiole 8–25 mm; Channel Islands ..... subsp. lyonii

1' Inflorescence a short, ± flat-topped raceme of (3)6–12 flowers, or umbel-like to subsessile cluster of 2–5 flowers, or flowers 1

4. Ovary, fruit generally glabrous

5. Inflorescence a raceme; sepal entire; fruit 7–14 mm; twigs with true terminal bud ..... P. emarginata

5' Inflorescence an umbel-like cluster or flowers 1; sepal gland-toothed to nearly entire; fruit 15–30 mm; twigs with false terminal bud

6. Leaf blade elliptic to (ob)ovate, base obtuse; flowers 1(2), appearing before leaves; tree, roadsides, streambanks, chaparral as waif ..... P. cerasifera

6' Leaf blade oblong-ovate to ± round, base rounded to subcordate; flowers 2–5, appearing with leaves; shrub, mixed-evergreen or conifer forest ..... P. subcordata

4' Ovary, fruit densely puberulent or velvety

7. Tree 3–10 m, not thorny; leaf blade 25–150 mm; fruit 25–80 mm; petals 10–25 mm

8. Petiole (8)10–25 mm; leaf blade 25–100 mm; petals pink to nearly white; fruit pulp leathery ..... P. dulcis

8' Petiole 5–10(15) mm; leaf blade (50)70–150 mm; petals dark pink; fruit pulp fleshy ..... P. persica

7' Shrub < 4 m, often thorny; leaf blade 5–30 mm; fruit 7–18 mm; petals 1.4–12 mm

9. Leaf blade < 2 × longer than wide, base wedge-shaped to rounded or subcordate

10. Leaf blade ovate to obovate, ± hairy, base wedge-shaped to obtuse; flowers generally unisexual; hypanthium, sepals densely puberulent abaxially ..... P. eremophila

10' Leaf blade ovate to round, glabrous, base obtuse to rounded or subcordate; flowers bisexual; hypanthium, sepals glabrous abaxially ..... P. fremontii

9' Leaf blade >= 2 × longer than wide, base long-tapered

11. Petals (5)8–11 mm, dark pink to nearly white; pedicel (1)4–12 mm; leaf blade 2–6 mm wide, finely serrate ..... P. andersonii

11' Petals 1.4–4 mm, white to ± yellow; pedicel 0–4 mm; leaf blade 1–2(4) mm wide, generally entire ..... P. fasciculata

12. Leaf puberulent; s Sierra Nevada Foothills, Tehachapi Mountain Area, s Inner South Coast Ranges, n Transverse Ranges, e Peninsular Ranges, Desert ..... var. fasciculata

12' Leaf glabrous to low-papillate; s Central Coast, s Outer South Coast Ranges ..... var. punctata


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