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1. Style in fruit 15–40 mm, plumose, not or inconspicuously hooked; flowers nodding, ± cup-shaped; petals cream to pale yellow, pink-tinged or purple-veined, persistent; hypanthium bractlets 5–15 mm ..... G. triflorum var. ciliatum

1' Style in fruit 2–9 mm, not plumose, hooked; flowers generally erect, rotate; petals yellow, deciduous; hypanthium bractlets <= 4 mm

2. Hypanthium bractlets 2–4 mm; style in fruit with few bristles at base, nonglandular; plant drying black-green ..... G. aleppicum

2' Hypanthium bractlets generally 0 or <= 2 mm; style in fruit without bristles, generally glandular; plant drying ± green ..... G. macrophyllum

3. Pedicel nonglandular; upper stem leaves simple, divided < 3/4 to base; North Coast ..... var. macrophyllum

3' Pedicel glandular; upper stem leaves compound or simple, divided ± to base; Northwestern California (except North Coast), High Cascade Range, High Sierra Nevada, San Bernardino Mountains, Great Basin Floristic Province ..... var. perincisum


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