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Daniel Potter & Barbara Ertter

Perennial herb, ± nonglandular, rhizomes short, stolons leafless. Leaf: basal, 1-ternately compound; leaflet teeth generally entire. Inflorescence: cyme, ± umbel-like, open, 1–several-flowered; pedicels recurved in fruit, bractlets 0. Flower: hypanthium shallow, bractlets 5, narrower than sepals; sepals, petals ± obovate, generally white; stamens 20–35, filaments ± flat, pollen sac 1, horseshoe-shaped; pistils many, ovaries superior, jointed to stout style on side. Fruit: achenes many on enlarged, fleshy, red receptacle.
± 20 species: generally northern temperate. (Latin: fragrant) [Hancock et al. 2004 Canad J Bot 82:1632–1644] Species intergrade.
Unabridged note: Characters include calyx orientation, fruit size used to define subspecies despite evident lack of taxonomic value.

Key to Fragaria

1. Leaf thick, leathery, central leaflet stalk 1–10 mm; petals (8)10–18 mm; achenes 1.5–2 mm — coastal, < 200 m ..... F. chiloensis

1' Leaf thin, not leathery, central leaflet stalk 1–3 mm; petals 4–9 mm; achenes ± 1.5 mm

2. Central leaflet teeth generally 12–21, below and above middle, central tooth < to > adjacent; leaflets sparsely hairy adaxially; hypanthium bractlets often 2-lobed; inflorescence often > leaves; < 2000 m ..... F. vesca

2' Central leaflet teeth generally < 13, above middle, central tooth << adjacent; leaflets generally glabrous adaxially; hypanthium bractlets unlobed; inflorescence < leaves; generally 1200–3300 m ..... F. virginiana


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