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James B. Phipps

Shrub, tree, thorny. Leaf: simple, alternate, petioled, ± ovate, generally ± lobed above middle, toothed, deciduous. Inflorescence: panicle on short-shoot tips, domed; pedicel bractlets several to many, ± 5 mm, narrow, margins glandular. Flower: hypanthium urn-shaped, bractlets 0; sepals small, margins entire to finely toothed, generally glandular; petals white; stamens ± 10 or 20; ovary inferior, styles 1–5, free. Fruit: pome, drupe-like, red to black, generally lighter in color before fully mature, core of 1–5 laterally pitted stones [or not]; sepals reflexed [or not].
± 200 species: northern temperate. (Greek: hard, for wood) [Phipps & O'Kennon 2002 Sida 20:115–144] Several species cultivated, escaped.
Unabridged note: Various species cultivated in arboreta, escaped elsewhere; several species in retail commerce, e.g., Crataegus ×media Sarg. cvs (generally misnamed as Crataegus laevigata (Poir.) DC. or Crataegus oxyacantha L.), Crataegus monogyna cvs, Crataegus phaenopyrum (L. f.) Medik.

Key to Crataegus

1. Short-shoot leaves deeply lobed, veined to sinuses; fruit red to deep red ..... C. monogyna

1' Short-shoot leaves unlobed to shallowly lobed, not veined to sinuses; fruit deep purple to black

2. Stamens ± 20; short-shoot leaves unlobed to shallowly lobed; thorns 8–12 mm ..... C. gaylussacia

2' Stamens ± 10; short-shoot leaves generally shallowly lobed; thorns 15–23 mm

3. Inflorescence hairy; thorns 18–23 mm ..... C. castlegarensis

3' Inflorescence glabrous; thorns 15–18 mm ..... C. douglasii


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