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Peter F. Zika

Shrub, tree, unarmed; evergreen or deciduous. Leaf: simple, stipuled, petioled, entire. Inflorescence: flowers 1 or clustered at branch tips; pedicel bractlets 0. Flower: hypanthium bractlets 0; sepals persistent; petals clawed, erect, pink to ± red or rose, at least near base, or spreading, white; stamens 8–21, anthers darker after flower; ovary inferior, 2–5-chambered, styles 2–5, free. Fruit: pome, drupe-like, generally orange to red, stones 2–5.
± 400 species: eastern hemisphere; many ornamental. (Latin: quince-like, possibly from leaf shape) [Fryer & Hylmö 2009 Cotoneasters. Timber Press] 2 subgenera, 1 with petals erect, pink to ± red (flower length important), 1 with petals spreading, white (flower width important).
Unabridged references: [Fryer & Hylmö 1998 New Plantsman 5:132–144; Fryer & Hylmö 2009. Cotoneasters: A Comprehensive Guide to Shrubs for Flowers, Fruit, and Foliage. Timber Press, Portland, OR. 344 p.]

Key to Cotoneaster

1. Plant deciduous

2. Leaf blade 55–150 mm; flowers, fruits generally > 20; anthers purple; petals white, spreading ..... C. frigidus

2' Leaf blade 4–30 mm; flowers, fruits < 5; anthers white; petals pink to ± red, erect

3. Leaf blade generally widely elliptic, 4–14 mm; stamens 8–11; fruit 4–7 mm; branchlets many, planar ..... C. horizontalis

3' Leaf blade generally ovate, 10–30 mm; stamens 20; fruit 7–14 mm; branchlets few, ascending ..... C. simonsii

1' Plant evergreen

4. Leaf blade 5–15 mm, < 8 mm wide; plant sprawling, <= 1 m

5. Leaf blade narrowly elliptic, abaxially densely tomentose ..... C. hodjingensis

5' Leaf blade narrowly oblanceolate, abaxially sparsely hairy ..... C. integrifolius

4' Leaf blade 15–95 mm, > 8 mm wide; plant arching, 1–9 m

6. Petals pink or rose, erect; styles, stones 2–3(4), some > 2 on all plants; fruit orange to red-orange ..... C. franchetii

6' Petals white, spreading; styles, stones 2; fruit bright red

7. Leaf blade 35–95 mm, 17–45 mm wide, thick, adaxially dark green, lateral veins often sunken ..... C. lacteus

7' Leaf blade 15–32 mm, 8–15 mm wide, thin, adaxially ± blue-green, lateral veins not sunken ..... C. pannosus


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