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Specimen numbers are hyperlinked to records in the Consortium of California Herbaria data view where possible. Taxa are hyperlinked to entries in the Jepson Interchange via the "[Online Interchange]" link.


Shrub, vine-like, climbing or, if support 0, forming dense, sprawling, twisted masses, rhizomed. Stem: to 10 m, slender, wiry, branches many. Leaf: cauline, alternate, petioled, ± deciduous; ocreae delicate, early-deciduous; blade linear to round or lance-triangular, ± thick, margins entire or irregularly wavy. Inflorescence: axillary, terminal, raceme- or spike-like; flowers 1–3(5); peduncles ± 0. Flower: bisexual, staminate, or pistillate (all three on 1 plant or not); perianth parts 5, fused 1/4–1/2, enlarging, fleshy in fruit, white to green-white to -yellow; stamens 8; style rudimentary, stigmas 3, much-branched. Fruit: ± included in fleshy perianth, appearing berry-like; 3-angled to ± spheric, smooth.
23 species: South America, Central America, New Zealand, Australia. (H.G. Muehlenbeck, Alsatian physician, 1798–1845)

Key to Muehlenbeckia

1. Leaf blade ± round to ovate-oblong, base truncate; inflorescence < 3 cm; perianth tube waxy-white in fruit ..... M. complexa

1' Leaf blade lance-triangular, base hastate or sagittate; inflorescence 3–5(7) cm; perianth tube red-purple to black in fruit ..... M. hastulata


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