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1. Involucre 3–5-toothed or -ribbed

2. Involucre teeth (4)5

3. Involucre awns straight; flower glabrous; stamens fused to perianth tube base — s Inner South Coast Ranges (Caliente Range), w Mojave Desert ..... C. spinosa

3' Involucre awns hooked; flower hairy; stamens fused to perianth tube top

4. Involucre bell-shaped, tube 2–2.5 mm, abaxial tooth not longer, not wider than others; flower white to rose, 1.5–1.8(2) mm; c&n California ..... C. polygonoides var. polygonoides (2)

4' Involucre cylindric, tube 3–4.5 mm, abaxial tooth longer, wider than others; flower yellow, 1.5–2.5 mm; sw San Joaquin Valley, n edge Transverse Ranges, Great Basin Floristic Province, w Mojave Desert ..... C. watsonii

2' Involucre teeth 3

5. Involucre cylindric, markedly transversely ridged; stamens 6 — Desert ..... C. corrugata

5' Involucre urn- to bell-shaped, not markedly transversely ridged; stamens 9

6. Plant prostrate; involucre bell-shaped; abaxial tooth 1.8–2 mm, awn hooked; s South Coast ..... C. orcuttiana

6' Plant erect; involucre urn-shaped; abaxial tooth 5–10 mm, awn straight; East of Sierra Nevada, Desert ..... C. rigida

1' Involucre 6–toothed or -ribbed

7. Involucre teeth with scarious margins

8. Involucre teeth scarious margins continuous across sinuses

9. Perianth lobes obcordate to 2-lobed — Inner North Coast Ranges, Cascade Range Foothills, Sierra Nevada Foothills, e San Francisco Bay Area ..... C. stellulata (2)

9' Perianth lobes entire

10. Involucre hairy, 3–5 mm; flower 3.5–4(4.5) mm; South Coast Ranges ..... C. douglasii

10' Involucre tomentose to ± glabrous, 3–4 mm; flower (1.5)2.5–3 mm; more widespread in California Floristic Province ..... C. membranacea

8' Involucre teeth scarious margins not continuous across sinuses

11. Involucre awns straight

12. Involucres 3–4 in small bracted clusters; perianth lobes alike — Inner North Coast Ranges, Cascade Range Foothills, Sierra Nevada Foothills, e San Francisco Bay Area ..... C. stellulata (2)

12' Involucres 1; perianth lobes not alike

13. Flower (3)3.5–4.5 mm, hairy generally throughout; plant generally spreading to decumbent; c North Coast ..... C. howellii

13' Flower (4)5–6 mm, hairy on lower 1/2; plant erect to spreading; n Central Coast ..... C. valida (2)

11' Involucre awns hooked

14. Flower glabrous; perianth lobes entire, tube yellow — Central Coast, w San Francisco Bay Area, w Outer South Coast Ranges ..... C. diffusa

14' Flower hairy; perianth lobes 2-lobed, jagged, or short-pointed, tube white

15. Involucre tube 2.5–4 mm, thinly hairy; flower 2.5–4 mm ..... C. robusta

16. Involucre lobes rose-pink; plant erect; s San Francisco Bay Area ..... var. hartwegii

16' Involucre lobes white; plant spreading or decumbent; n-c Central Coast, sw San Francisco Bay Area ..... var. robusta

15' Involucre tube 1–2.5(3) mm, densely hairy; flower 2–3.5 mm

17. Perianth lobes awned ..... C. cuspidata var. cuspidata (2)

17' Perianth lobes minutely jagged

18. Involucre teeth margins ± pink; involucre tube 1.5–2(2.5) mm; flower 2–3 mm; stamens 3 or 6–9 ..... C. angustifolia (2)

18' Involucre teeth margins white (± pink) or dark ± pink to purple; involucre tube 2–2.5(3) mm; flower 2–3.5 mm; stamens 9 ..... C. pungens

19. Involucre teeth margins dark ± pink to purple; plant ± ascending to erect; 90–500 m ..... var. hartwegiana

19' Involucre teeth margins white (± pink); plant prostrate to ± ascending; 0–65 m ..... var. pungens

7' Involucre teeth without scarious margins (except Chorizanthe fimbriata, Chorizanthe procumbens)

20. Involucre teeth of unequal, not of equal or alternating, lengths, abaxial tooth >> others

21. Abaxial awn hooked ..... C. clevelandii

21' Abaxial awn straight

22. Outer perianth lobes entire or ± 2-lobed, inner jagged; stamens 9; Outer South Coast Ranges ..... C. rectispina

22' Outer perianth lobes with 1 or 3 teeth, inner entire; stamens 3; s Sierra Nevada, e Central Western California, n Western Transverse Ranges ..... C. uniaristata

20' Involucre teeth of equal or alternating lengths, abaxial tooth not >> others

23. Perianth lobes all or at least inner fringed or 2-lobed

24. Outer and inner perianth lobes fringed — Southwestern California, w Sonoran Desert (San Felipe Valley) ..... C. fimbriata

25. Perianth lobes with terminal segment linear to lanceolate, wider than lateral; flower 6–7(8) mm ..... var. fimbriata

25' Perianth lobes with terminal segment linear, barely wider than lateral; flower 8–9(10) mm ..... var. laciniata

24' Outer and/or inner perianth lobes not fringed

26. Perianth lobes white to ± pink

27. Inner perianth lobes 2-lobed ..... C. blakleyi

27' Inner perianth lobes fringed ..... C. obovata

26' Perianth lobes red, rose, maroon, or dark purple

28. Outer perianth lobes entire; involucre tube 3.5–4 mm, awns 0.5–1 mm ..... C. palmeri

28' Outer perianth lobes 2-lobed or minutely jagged; involucre tube 4–6 mm, awns 0.5–2 mm

29. Outer perianth lobes minutely jagged or wavy-margined, inner fringed or ± 2-lobed; flower 4–4.5 mm; involucre tube 4–4.5 mm, swollen; Inner South Coast Ranges ..... C. ventricosa

29' Outer perianth lobes 2-lobed or notched, inner fringed; flower (4.5)5–6 mm; involucre tube 4–6 mm, ± swollen; South Coast Ranges ..... C. biloba

30. Outer perianth lobes deeply 2-lobed ..... var. biloba

30' Outer perianth lobes notched or ± cordate at tip ..... var. immemora

23' Perianth lobes entire, awned, or minutely jagged

31. Perianth lobes alike, outer and inner similar in width and length

32. Plant generally erect; branches breaking at nodes; stamens 3, fused to perianth tube top ..... C. brevicornu

33. Leaf blades 1–3(5) mm wide; involucres ribbed ..... var. brevicornu

33' Leaf blades 5–10 mm wide; involucres obscurely ribbed ..... var. spathulata

32' Plant prostrate to erect; branches not breaking at nodes; stamens 3–9 and fused to perianth tube base or (6)9 and fused to perianth tube top

34. Stamens fused to perianth tube top; perianth lobes entire or minutely notched; California Floristic Province ..... C. polygonoides

35. Involucre tube 1.5–2 mm, awns of prominent teeth 2–3 mm; Peninsular Ranges ..... var. longispina

35' Involucre tube 2–2.5 mm, awns of prominent teeth 1.5–2 mm; Northwestern California, Cascade Range, n Sierra Nevada Foothills, Sacramento Valley, Central Western California ..... var. polygonoides (2)

34' Stamens fused to perianth tube base; perianth lobes entire, awned, or minutely jagged

36. Perianth lobes entire; stamens united basally — c&s South Coast, s Transverse Ranges, w Peninsular Ranges ..... C. procumbens

36' Perianth lobes awned or minutely jagged; stamens free

37. Plants sparsely hairy, yellow-green; flowers 1.5–2 mm, sparsely hairy abaxially — c Central Coast (Fort Ord, nw Monterey Co.) ..... C. minutiflora37' Plants densely hairy, tannish to reddish or grayish; flowers 2–3.5 mm, hairy abaxially

38. Perianth lobes minutely jagged; Central Coast (Monterey and Santa Cruz cos. south to Santa Barbara Co.) ..... C. angustifolia (2)

38' Perianth lobes awned; n Central Coast, San Francisco Bay Area (San Francisco Peninsula)

39. Involucre awns hooked, teeth with or without scarious margins; n Central Coast, San Francisco Bay Area ..... C. cuspidata var. cuspidata (2)

39' Involucre awns straight, teeth without scarious margins; n Central Coast ..... C. cuspidata var. villosa

31' Perianth lobes not alike, inner narrower and shorter

40. Involucre awns straight

41. Involucre tube 1.5–2 mm; Western Transverse Ranges ..... C. parryi var. fernandina

41' Involucre tube 3–4(4.5) mm; n Central Coast ..... C. valida (2)

40' Involucre awns hooked

42. Involucre tube 1.5–2 mm — Transverse Ranges ..... C. parryi var. parryi

42' Involucre tube 2.5–6 mm

43. Proximal leaf-like bracts of stem early-deciduous or 0

44. Flower 4.5–6 mm; e Peninsular Ranges ..... C. leptotheca

44' Flower 3–4(5) mm; c&s Central Coast, Outer South Coast Ranges, Southwestern California (except e Peninsular Ranges) ..... C. staticoides

43' Proximal leaf-like bracts of stem persistent

45. Flower 4.5–6 mm, long exserted from involucre ..... C. xanti

46. Involucre densely hairy; e San Bernardino Mountains, n San Jacinto Mountains ..... var. leucotheca

46' Involucre thinly hairy; s Sierra Nevada, Tehachapi Mountain Area, s Inner South Coast Ranges, n&e Transverse Ranges (except e San Bernardino Mountains), East of Sierra Nevada ..... var. xanti

45' Flower 2.5–3.5 mm, ± exserted from involucre

47. Flower 3–3.5 mm; involucre tube 2.5–3 mm; stamens 9; Outer South Coast Ranges ..... C. breweri

47' Flower 2.5–3 mm; involucre tube 2–2.5 mm; stamens 6; n Channel Islands ..... C. wheeleri


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