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John R. Reeder

Annual, ± hairy. Stem: ascending to erect, unbranched, often fragile, easily breaking apart at nodes. Leaf: basal and cauline; collar 0; sheath and blade continuous; blade flat or becoming inrolled when dry. Inflorescence: spike-like, partly enclosed by upper sheath or exserted with age; spikelets spirally arranged on axis. Spikelet: laterally compressed; glumes entire or irregularly short-toothed; florets 5–40, tardily breaking above glumes and between florets; lemma entire or minutely toothed, generally with central sharp point, 11–17-veined; palea ± = lemma; anthers exserted, filaments slender, ribbon-like; stigmas 1/3–1/2 style length, sparsely short-hairy. Fruit: obovoid or oblong.
3 species: California, southern Baja California. (Anagram of Orcuttia) [Reeder 2003 FNANM 25:293–294]
Unabridged references: [Reeder 1982 Amer J Bot 69:1082–1095]

Key to Tuctoria

1. Inflorescence exserted from upper leaf sheath; lemma tip ± truncate; fruit 2 mm, minutely wrinkled ..... T. greenei

1' Inflorescence partly enclosed by upper leaf sheath; lemma tapered gradually, tip sharp-pointed; fruit 3 mm, smooth ..... T. mucronata


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