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1. Stem 5–14 mm wide at base, internodes fleshy; middle leaf blades generally flat when fresh or inrolled near tip, 4–25 mm wide at base; rhizome present; coastal

2. Inflorescence ± open, spikes loosely overlapping, loosely appressed or spreading (to 10°–20°) ..... S. alterniflora

2' Inflorescence dense, cylindric, spikes closely overlapping, generally closely appressed ..... S. foliosa

1' Stem 1.5–6 mm wide at base, internodes firm; middle leaf blades generally inrolled when fresh, 1–8 mm wide at base; rhizome sometimes 0; coastal or interior

3. Inflorescence open, spikes ascending to spreading (to ± 60°), lowest often not overlapping; coastal ..... S. patens

3' Inflorescence compact, spikes appressed, overlapping

4. Rhizome generally 0 (rarely present, short, stout); coastal ..... S. densiflora

4' Rhizome present, elongate, slender; interior ..... S. gracilis


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