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Robert E. Preston & Robert Webster

Annual, perennial herb. Stem: generally erect; internode solid to hollow inside. Leaf: basal and cauline; sheath generally glabrous, margins occasionally scabrous or ciliate; ligule short-hairy or membranous, ciliate; blade glabrous, scabrous, or hairy on one or both surfaces. Inflorescence: panicle-like, dense, generally cylindric; 1° branches spreading to appressed; spikelets many, generally clustered on one side of short 2° branches, short-stalked to subsessile, subtended by 1–15 bristles, bristles generally scabrous. Spikelet: falling as 1 unit, generally elliptic; glumes unequal; florets generally 2, ± equal, lower floret sterile or staminate, palea generally < lemma, upper floret fertile, firm, generally hard, rough, margin inrolled, tip blunt.
± 140 species: warm temperate, tropical Eurasia, Africa. (Latin: bristly) [Rominger 2003 FNANM 25:539–558] Some species cultivated for food. Setaria italica (L.) P. Beauv., millet, common component of birdseed, occasionally collected but not persisting. Setaria megaphylla (Steud.) T. Durand & Schinz, Setaria verticilliformis Dumort. recorded in California from a few sites, but do not appear to be naturalized.

Key to Setaria

1. Bristles at base of spikelets with short stiff hairs pointed toward base

2. Leaf sheath margins glabrous; leaf blade sparsely hairy abaxially ..... S. adhaerens

2' Leaf sheath margins ciliate; leaf blade scabrous abaxially ..... S. verticillata

1' Bristles at base of spikelets with short stiff hairs pointed toward tip

3. Upper glume ± = upper lemma; upper lemma ± smooth, dull or shiny

4. Spikelet ± 2 mm; panicle 3–8 cm; leaf blades 3–12 mm wide ..... S. viridis

4' Spikelet 2.5–3 mm; panicle 8–30 cm; leaf blades 10–30 mm wide ..... S. faberi

3' Upper glume < upper lemma; upper lemma strongly ridged

5. Rhizomes absent; upper glume <= 0.5 × upper lemma; spikelet generally > 2.8 mm, generally 1.5–2 mm wide ..... S. pumila subsp. pumila

5' Rhizomes present; upper glume > 0.5 × upper lemma; spikelet generally < 2.8 mm, generally <= 1.5 mm wide

6. Panicle < 10 cm, 3–4 mm wide; bristles green or straw-colored; stigma dark brown or purple; base of flowering stems with hard, knot-like swellings ..... S. parviflora

6' Panicle > 10 cm, 4–6 mm wide; bristles generally orange; stigma pale; base of flowering stems not swollen ..... S. sphacelata


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