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Kelly W. Allred

Annual, biennial, cespitose. Stem: erect to prostrate. Leaf: generally basal, tufted, glabrous; ligule short-hairy; blade flat or inrolled. Inflorescence: panicle-like, dense, 1–7 cm, 0.5–2(3) cm wide. Spikelet: ± laterally compressed; axis breaking above glumes and between florets; glumes lanceolate, membranous, 5–7-veined; florets 3–8, bisexual; lemma 9-veined, ciliate proximally, toothed to notched, awn ± 0 (mucro occasionally <= 1.5 mm); palea < to > lemma.
5 species: warm temperate, subtropics, Eurasia, Africa. (Greek: split, from notched lemma) [Kellogg 2003 FNANM 25:307–308]
Unabridged references: [Conert & Türpe 1974 Abh Senckenberg Naturf Ges 532:1–81]

Key to Schismus

1. Lower lemma generally > 2.5 mm, teeth narrowly triangular; palea of lowest floret acute, < lemma ..... S. arabicus

1' Lower lemma generally < 2.5 mm, teeth obtuse to widely triangular; palea of lowest floret obtuse, > lemma ..... S. barbatus


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